No Jelq Routines, Tight Pelvic Floor/HANS Protocol, Worries and Recovery- Ask the Experts

Male Enhancement Coach AJ Alfaro

male enhancement coach AJ AlfaroBig Al, of, answers questions about No Jelq routines, pelvic floor issues, and negative emotions impacting recovery problems in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I am curious about one thing. You have me on a no jelqing exercise regimen…

…I always thought that Jelqing was the primary exercise and I found that they were fairly easy to perform and maintain in the past. How come you eliminated them on this basic regimen? Just curious is all.

Big Al: Jelqing is a common exercise and pleasant to perform, but it’s not necessarily the most effective. Most of the best gainers among MeCoach clients have progressed with the Jelq Free routine. If you fail to make gains with the recommended regimen after 4 weeks we can attempt to revert back to a jelq based routine.


Q. I feel I have a tight pelvic floor

…It spasms when I train and it also causes premature ejaculation for me. I also feel I have back trouble.

Big Al: There are things you can do to help alleviate the issue- the first being to be conscious of your PC muscles when training or using the restroom. You’ll want to ensure you’re not overengaging them. You can also massage the perineal area and perform stretches to ensure maximum conditioning.

The following should be very helpful to you: The HANS Protocol

If your issues extend beyond your ability to heal then you’ll need to seek out medical professional assistance.


Q. I’m becoming increasingly worried and stressed about my penile recovery

…At times my flaccid seems as though it has toughened up. It’s more difficult to stretch, in fact my flaccid stretch length has gone down a bit. I’m wondering if I’ve used too much intensity and need an extended break so my tissue relaxes. Let me know your thoughts.

Big Al: The worry you mention may be impacting your recovery and EQ. The penis is an organ that does NOT do well under negative mind states, and if you become “hyperfocused” on the state of your penis this can cause a vicious cycle effect.

Understand- the penis will go through its fluctuations- and factors like cold, physical activity, and emotional states can have a serious impact on the state of the penis (flaccid and erect). Unless you’re noting excess exhaustion and even soreness post-training, you may very well be doing OK as regards getting enough [physical] rest.


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