The Number One Reason Male Enhancement Fails & How to Avoid It


male enhancement in webmdMale enhancement includes a variety of goals — penis enlargement (length, girth or both), erection hardness, stamina, and more. If you have a male enhancement goal and have had trouble reaching your goals, chances are you’ve fallen victim to the number one reason male enhancement fails —

Lack of consistency.

5 Components of Successful Male Enhancement Goal Achievement

There are 5 components to reaching any body modification change —

Time + Technique + Intensity + Frequency + Consistency = Success

  • Time — No physical change happens overnight naturally. There are no magic pills that will give you permanent male enhancement results immediately. Yes, some devices (like penis pumps) can give you temporary improvements in size and hardness, but if you want these improvements to become permanent, it’s going to take time.
  • Technique — As with any exercise program, doing the exercises properly is critical to exercising both effectively and efficiently. If you don’t have the right technique, you might not see the results you want, and you may even injure yourself.
  • Intensity — The intensity of your exercise also impacts your success. Think of it this way – if you were doing traditional body building and curling with 1-pound weights, chances are you wouldn’t see too much improvement in your biceps! Likewise, with too much weight, you could actually do more harm than good.
  • Frequency — How often you work out is also a factor in success. If you were training for a marathon, chances are running once a week really isn’t going to get you in good enough shape to do well in the race.

Although those four factors are important to reaching your goals, the number one reason male enhancement goals fail is —


Consistency is Key!

Does this sound like you?    You decide on a good male enhancement program and for the first few weeks you PE regularly. Then, real life gets in the way – other personal and professional things come up, and you just don’t feel like you have time to PE. So, you miss a day or two. Then, other things happen, and you’ve now missed a week of PE.  You try to get back into the swing of things, and maybe even do so for awhile, but then more challenges get in the way, and you’ve now gone months without PEing regularly.

If the above even sounds vaguely familiar and you haven’t reached your male enhancement goals — you need to focus on consistency! Without consistency, you can’t make the physical changes needed to realize permanent results.

How to Remain Consistent

If you’re having a problem with consistency, try these tips:

  • Schedule Your PE – Just like a meeting or a dentist appointment, schedule your PE time each day. Don’t schedule anything else over this time.
  • Make Time to PE – If you have a hard time finding time to PE in your day – make time! The two times that most people find making time easiest is in the morning or in the evening. Get up early to get your PE in, or make it a habit to not go to bed before you PE that day.
  • Get Help Being Accountable – As with any goals, telling people about your goals and your plan to reach them can help you stay accountable. It may be hard to tell family and friends about your male enhancement goals, but our forum members will be happy to be your support team! Post often and you’ll not only keep yourself motivated, but you’ll also help motivate others!
  • Don’t Quit – Don’t let one missed day turn into two…turn into a week…turn into months. Remember, two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward!  If something totally unavoidable happens and you miss a PE day, immediately get right back to PEing and recommit to your goals.


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