Nutscapes: Yes, Art with Testicles

Selfies are definitely rampant.  I’ll admit, I like them. I have a “tradition” called – Bad Selfie – that must happen whenever we travel or go to an event of some kind. It basically is me taking a normal selfie, but I kind of suck at selfies, so they often come out with just my forehead or an ear.

This artist, however, is taking “bad selfies” to a whole new level.

Instead of a part of his face in the photo… he includes part of his testicles. Yes, you read that right — his testicles.

And, he’s calling it “art.”

Clancy Philbrick is the artist behind the new take on selfies. Entitled “Nutscapes” his Instagram account seems to now be down, but I was able to save a few photos to share. (Lesson – once you post something on the Internet, it is never completely gone.) Philbrick describes himself as such:

I aim to make artworks of public revelation rather than just personal expression. My paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations and performances do not always show one common style. Instead I allow my work to be identifiable by its conversation and rhetoric: vulnerability, societal-critique, mindfulness and unity.

My question is — HOW??  I’m thinking a selfie stick has to have been in use. 🙂


clancy nutscapes3 clancy nutscapes2 clancy nutscapes1

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