Come On, Congress! Let’s Bring Back Penis Pump Coverage!

senior medicare penis pumpDo not get me started on the ills of the Medicare system in the United States. I could spend hours… that is almost literal — I did actually once spend nearly an hour giving a presentation on the faltering state of one of the biggest healthcare systems in the world.  Anyway, I digress.

Despite the Medicare system’s flaws, the one thing they got right was covering penis pumps, for the use for erectile dysfunction. But, in true bureaucratic fashion, this coverage stopped on July 1st, thanks to legislation passed by Congress in December.

Come on, Congress!

Add to this fact that since 2006, Medicare stopped covering drugs for erectile dysfunction. They declared them “lifestyle” drugs. Instead, the only option they now pay for is the WAY more expensive, WAY more risky, and WAY more invasive penile implant surgery.

Penis pumps are a much safer (and cheaper) erectile dysfunction treatment, and can be used by men who have occasional erectile dysfunction. Typically, the pump is used along with a cock ring. Men simply pump their penis to erection, then use the cock ring to prevent the blood from leaving the penis, helping maintain the erection.

In addition the other male enhancement benefits of using a penis pump, for ED, penis pumps are super-effective. Why Congress would cut this one, sensible benefit is beyond me.  So, I will say it again…

Come on, Congress! Bring back penis pump coverage!

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