Other Survey Findings – Penis Curve, Erection Level and More

The results to four single-answer questions in our penis survey. Wondering if penile exercising led to a penis curve, created stronger erections, or changed the “level of erection” in men? Look no further.

1. Did penile exercising change their level of erection?

Question used: While penile exercising, did your angle of erection change? If yes, how so?

  • Yes – it raised my erection level – 65 votes
  • Yes – it lowered my erection level – 112 votes
  • No – 255 votes
  • I don’t know – 112 votes

The majority of the men did not notice a change in their erection level after penile exercising.

2. Did penile exercising cause their penis to curve?

Question used: Does your penis have a curve in it that was not there before you started penile exercising?

  • Yes – 47 votes
  • No – 497 votes

Over 90 percent of the men questioned did not obtain a curve after undertaking penis enlargement exercises. A possible reason for the small percentage of “yes” is that a lot of men don’t notice some of the features on their penis until they start spending “quality time” exercising it. Also, a worthy note: some men claim penile exercising fixed their penis curve.

3. Did penile exercising change the strength of their erections?

Question used: Since you started penile exercising, how are your erections? My erections are:

  • Weaker and softer – 20 votes
  • The same – 119 votes
  • Stronger and harder – 288 votes

The majority experienced stronger and harder erections after they started penile exercising.

4. Where did most of the men men learn about penis enlargement?

Question used: Where did you first learn/hear about natural penis enlargement?

  • Advertisement in a magazine – 19 votes
  • A friend referred me – 20 votes
  • Advertisement on the web – 92
  • I searched for it via a search engine – 361 votes
  • Other – 20 votes

Majority of the men learned about penis enlargement by searching for it on the web.

This is the eleventh installment of the Penis Enlargement Survey.

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