Pain During Training, Intensity of Kegels & More: Ask the Experts

pain is bad in penis exercises

pain is bad in penis exercisesIn this Ask the Experts section, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, of, answers questions about pain during training, intensity of Kegels and more.

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Q.  I’ve read a lot of your stuff and noticed where you mention starting off your training under comfortable limits…

…Can you please explain a bit what you mean by that? I should not be experiencing pain, correct?

Big Al: You should never feel pain when training!  By “comfortable,” I’m referring to a level of intensity and volume well within your abilities, but not so far out you wouldn’t feel challenged with continued progressive resistance after 3 weeks or so.

Q. I really think that I might be performing the Kegels at a higher intensity than your are suggesting…

…I just don’t see how to do a “partial” contraction — I just tried to do a partial contraction as I was typing that, and it definitely feels fatigued/sore (not actively painful), which is a nice sign.

Big Al: Like any type of skill mastery, performing the Kegel properly is going to take time.  It’s easier to contract the PC very hard than it is to contract it very lightly.  Learning to develop that “light touch” should also help you in establishing ejaculatory control during sexual activities and Stop and Starts.  Kegeling too hard when you’re attempting to either stop an ejaculation or initiate an orgasm can ruin the effect.

Q. While I was hanging I felt a bit of discomfort being “put on” my glans….

…During my second set, after attaching the weight and it started to settle. I noticed nothing but discomfort in my glans.  I then lean back to help with intensity, it causes more of a stretch on my ligs and takes the mental discomfort away from the glans. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Big Al: Leaning back is a very effective and powerful way to make your hanging more intense, but if you’re going to lean back with the weight while hanging you’re going to need to reduce the poundage by quite a bit.  You’ll likely need to use more padding (perhaps with adhesion) so that your glans is better protected.


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