Patience: A Theme for 2018

Patience A Theme for 2018At the beginning of every year, millions of people set resolutions. The goal – to better themselves. I like to base my resolutions on less objective goals (despite the challenges of this type of goal).  A general quality that I feel by improving upon it, I’ll be a better person.

This year, I’m working on patience.

I think many of us today are lacking in this quality, so I figured I’d share some thoughts. Perhaps even inspire others to be more patient.

Patience With Ourselves

Patience with ourselves is critical for happiness. We live in an instant-rice, drive-thru, high-speed Internet type of world.

We want results.

And we want them NOW!

When things move too slowly, we get frustrated. Worse – we oftentimes give up!

We need to be patient with ourselves.

It’s through this patience that we develop perseverance. It’s through perseverance that we employ the commitment it takes, for the long-term, to reach our goals.

And, when we stumble – or we fall – we are patient with ourselves and keep moving forward. We don’t give up.

On Patience - Inspiring Quote by K. Wylie

Without patience with ourselves, we beat ourselves up. We become our own worst enemy.  Our lack of patience with ourselves prevents us from being the best us we can be.

Patience with Others

In an age where people preach “tolerance,” we seem to be less tolerant than anything other than the current groupthink. If we want people to respect our beliefs, our positions, our thoughts, our opinions… we have to respect theirs as well – even when we 100% think they are complete idiots and have no idea how they could possibly think that.

This doesn’t mean we have to agree with one another. On the contrary. I think intelligent debate and discussion is one of the most powerful tools mankind has at its disposal.  It’s this ability that means we don’t just go along with the masses, like lemmings, when things can be changed for the better.

It also means that we have the humility to understand we aren’t always the smartest person in the room. We don’t always have all of the facts. And, someone else’s perspective may have merit. But, even when they don’t have merit, we have enough patience that we frame our counter-opinions in a way that may actually help them change their thoughts.

Besides, losing patience usually only makes people close off. They dig their heels in deeper to their opinions. They hold steadfast, even when proven wrong.

And, what does it get us — increased irritation – frustration – anger – hurt feelings – sometimes even lost friendships.

So, let’s make 2018 the year we are more patience – with ourselves and with others.



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