Patience: There is No Rushing Penis Enlargement

patience penis enlargement

patience penis enlargementOver in our penis enlargement forums, we seem to get spurts of “Get Big Quick” schemes being posted.  Sometimes, these are just innocent members, new to male enhancement, that have heard about some “miracle” method of getting inches with no effort and seemingly overnight. However, more often than not, it’s one of the many snake oil salesmen, trying to take advantage of our members.

For this reason, let’s talk about one of the most important components of being successful, when reaching your penis enlargement goals…


Like with any body change – like weight loss or building muscle – there is no overnight way to get to your goals, with penis enlargement.

Only by doing manual penis exercises, using a penis extender, using a penis pump, or a combination of the three, consistently, over a period of time, can you hope to get results. Although a penis pump will give you immediate increases in size (thanks to the vacuum pressure resulting in an increased amount of blood in the penis, these results are temporary, if you don’t continue to use your penis pump, on a regular basis, for weeks, if not months.

patience penis enlargement

Penis enlargement works on the principal of microtears in the cells. Exercises and devices are used to make these microtears, which results in new cellular growth. However, the human tissue cells are incredibly elastic. So, it takes repeated stress – through exercise and/or penis enlargement device use – to create those microtears.

Now, I hear what some of you are saying right now, “But, what about supplements?! They promise a larger penis!”

Penis enlargement supplements can be a great complement to any penis enlargement plan. They typically work by increasing bloodflow to the penis.

patience penis enlargementIncreased bloodflow = a larger, harder penis.

However, this increased bloodflow isn’t enough to create the microtears needed to result in permanent penis enlargement results. The effect, for this reason, is only temporary.  However, the good news is this increased bloodflow can help improve the new cellular growth, when supplements are used WITH manual exercises or penis enlargement devices. Yet, once again, this takes time.

Permanent penis enlargement takes patience.

NOTE: When considering a penis enlargement supplement, carefully consider the ingredients and the manufacturer. Supplements are NOT regulated by any government agency. They are not certified to contain exactly what they say they contain. In addition, many simply do not work. At PEGym, we’ve tested dozens of supplements and only have the ones we found actually worked in our Penis Supplements page.

PS – I promise you – if there’s ever a miracle penis enlargement product developed, you will DEFINITELY hear about it here! 🙂


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