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penis enlargement interview is an amazing community of like-minded members. We know your penis enlargement goals may not be something you share with your friends or family. PEGym is here for you! You can ask questions or find information. You’ll also find lots of support from other PEGym members, just like you, that will help you succeed.

This series of articles are one-on-one interviews with just a few of our members who have already experienced penis enlargement success. Some are still working toward an ultimate end goal. All want to help others reach theirs. If you’d be willing to share your experience with other men, please PM me. If you have questions you’d like answered, PM me as well.

A BIG thank you to GoingForGold, for answering my questions.

interviewQ: What started you on the path of penis enlargement?

A: I had always been curious, but thought of penis enlargement as a hoax. When I started watching porn in my dorming situation I would constrict my penis under my briefs and edge, not knowing it was a penis enlargement exercise. I started to notice a change in size and EQ, looked around the web, and seemed to have the best community to find information in.

Q: What challenges did you came across and how did you overcome them, when you were a beginner?

A: My challenge was doing penis enlargement exercises in a dorm. I would edge under the covers for 30 minutes to an hour, then go to the showers, and do my routine. It was somewhat of a challenge getting my bone down to make the walk down the hall to the showers.

Q: Which penis exercises have you tried? Any favorites? Did you discontinue some from your penis enlargement routine?

A: I think I’ve found and tried every penis exercise listed in the “Exercises” section of If they didn’t work for me or feel effective, I would experiment with grip and erection level to find a penis enlargement exercise that worked for me. Currently, I’m going for length and using stretches in every direction possible and with any grip possible. I prefer high erection level exercises, as they feel the most effective and beneficial for erect gains. I also do erect swings, side to side, up-and-down, and my favorite, helicopter — with and without hands.

I never liked jelqs much, I think I sort of jelq already when I masturbate vigorously. Switching to using my left hand during these vigorous sessions has helped reduce my curve to the left a great deal, at least when erect. Fixing my curve/hang/lig-tension has allowed me more flexibility in the bedroom, adding much to my lover’s and my enjoyment.

Q: Do you use any penis enlargement supplements?

A: I have never used supplements because I am 22 and believe a healthy diet with exercise and a diverse caloric intake provides me with all the supplementation I need to aid my penis enlargement efforts. Increasing EQ through increasing general physical health and muscular strength seems to work for me.

Measuring without BSing yourself is key to recognizing your gains.
Measuring without BSing yourself is key to recognizing your gains.

Q: What do you wish you knew about penis enlargement when you started that you know now?

A: I wish I had known to measure properly, without BSing myself. The best I have to go off is what I remember with my hands. Which isn’t so bad.

Q: What are your end goals for penis enlargement?

A: I want to get to ~500ml so I can say I have a pint in my pants. That would be 9″ BPEL x 7″ MEG or 9.5″ BPEL x 6.7″ MEG depending on how I grow. Currently, I’m focusing on length, and my goal is to gain as much as possible and 8.5″ would be nice I recently got to 8″, which is super awesome!

Defy reality with your penis!
Defy reality with your own penis!

Q: What other advice would you give beginning PE’ers?

A: Enjoy your penis enlargement exercises time and get into it because there is no other feeling like it once you start to gain. It’s like you’re defying reality with you own penis!


    • EQ means Erection Quality. It’s a subjective measurement of how well your boner performs.

  1. Nice interview but you sould have asked his starting size and how long it took him to get to his current one!!!

    • I estimate I started at 6.7″ BPEL x 5.9″ MEG and it took me about a year to see my first inch of length and first half inch of girth. Most of the growth took place when I was actively PEing on almost a daily basis.

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