Penis Enlargement Interview with TehDBare

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Following is our next interview with one of’s amazing members, who has already begun to experience success along their penis enlargement journey and is willing to share their experience with and give their support to others, even if their still working toward an ultimate goal. Everyone’s journey is unique; however, there are always things we can learn from one another.

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A BIG thank you to TehDBare, for answering my questions.

Penis Enlargement Interview with TehDBarePenis Enlargement Stats

TehDBare qualifies himself as a “relative newbie” to penis enlargement. However, he’s already seen great gains with his penis enlargement training, as seen by the stats below!

12APR13: BPEL +3/8″ MEG +1/8″
12MAY13: BPEL +3/8″ MEG +1/16″
12JUN13: BPEL +3/8″ MEG +3/16″

Total: BPEL +1 1/8″ MEG +3/8″ Volume +27%

I stumbled across PE looking for solutions to my weak erections.
I stumbled across Penis Enlargement looking for solutions to my weak erections.

Q: What started you on the path of penis enlargement?

I was 43 when I started penis enlargement. I stumbled across it looking for solutions to my weak erections. I was a smoker for over 25 years, had up and down weight problems most of my adult life, and it had all taken its toll on my body.

I spent a year trying to begin to improve my health. I lost 55 pounds, stopped smoking and became more active. During this time, I was fortunate to be reunited with my college sweetheart – “the one who got away” for each of us – and we fell madly in love.

I wanted to be sure we had a very loving physical side of our relationship, for the rest of our lives. As time went along, and my weight loss increased, my erection quality was suffering more and more. (I believe this was due to overall muscle mass loss on my body.) It never resulted in full erectile dysfunction, but I was headed that direction and wasn’t going to allow it, I wanted to be all I could be for my sweetheart.

I stumbled upon the PEGym, read everything I could, learned what successful PEers had done, and what unsuccessful PEers had done. I learned what leads to injury and decided to cautiously move forward with Remek’s beginners routine.

It’s now been two and a half months and I get erections like when I was a teenager. My girl has noticed the difference and comments regularly, since I began penis enlargement. She doesn’t know I am doing the penis exercises yet, but I’m not going to be able to hide the gains from her much longer. I’ve already gained an inch in length and over 1/4″ in girth. She definitely is starting to think something is up. Ive also received comments about my bulge and flaccid hang. It’s a nice visual stimulation for her.

My confidence is as strong as my erections now, thanks to penis enlargement exercises. I used to always worry that maybe today would be the day I finally reached ED failure, but now, even on a bad day, I’m twice as good as my best days before.

Q: When you were a beginner, what were the penis enlargement challenges you came across and how did you overcome them?

I really didn’t have any penis enlargement challenges when I started. I took it slow and focused, in the beginning, on developing proper form and technique with the exercises. I did pick up small tips and tricks with things – like what lube to use, talc powder for better grip during stretches, things along those lines. However, as a relative newbie, I haven’t reached any plateaus. Also, because I learned quickly how to listen to my body, I haven’t encountered any injuries. In fact, I’ve been cautious to the point where I only exercise one day on and one day off, less than half of most people doing PE. When looked at that way, I’ve fixed my EQ and made all my gains in less than 40 sessions!

Q: Which penis exercises have you used – which are your favorites/did you cut any from your routine?

I’ve used basic wet jelq and directional stretching as penis exercises. I’ve increased pressure of my jelqs gradually and increased time of stretches to 45 seconds, which is still a very light penis exercise routine. I also do Minuteman’s kegel routine; I just completed the first month. I also randomly do JAI stretches but very sporadically.

Q: Do you use any supplements? If so, what?

I don’t take supplements.

Q: What do you know now about penis enlargement that you wish you had known when you started?

The main thing I wish I had known — Why didn’t I learn about this twenty years ago?

Q: What are your penis enlargement end goals?

I never really had any other goal than to improve my EQ, and I’ve already attained that. I set an arbitrary goal, never expecting to actually reach it, especially because I’ve taken such a minimal approach to my penis enlargement, of gaining that “extra inch” every guy seems to want. The only size I was hoping to “add” was to regain the 1/4″ in both length and girth I’d lost over the years. Now that all those goals have been reached I will simply keep growing until it begins to negatively affect our physical relationship. I will continue to do some form of penis exercises for the rest of my life to keep my penis healthy and functioning though.

Encourage your
Encourage your penis to grow; don’t force it.

Q: Any other advice you’d like to share with beginning PE’ers?

Learn first. In the grand scheme of things, waiting an extra week to begin penis enlargement means nothing. Educate yourself to know you are starting off safely and effectively. There is nothing worse than spending three months and gaining nothing, only to find out after the fact that you have been doing something wrong the whole time (or worse, injuring yourself).

One jelq with proper form is worth ten with bad form. In the beginning, mastering technique should be your primary focus. Patience. Penis enlargement cannot be forced or rushed; injuries can last a lifetime. Goals can wait.

Rest. Growth doesn’t come about from the exercise itself; the exercises prepare your body for growth. Gains happen during rest days, not exercise days. Take it easy; less is more.

You should encourage your penis to grow, not force it. Gains occur while balancing the fine line between overtraining and undertraining.