Peaking Too Early & Starting Penis Hanging: Ask the Experts

peaking too earlyBig Al, of, answers questions about peaking too early and starting penis hanging, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q.  I’ve often read your posting on PEGym where you mention “peaking” too early in training…

… What do you mean about peaking too early?

Big Al: In many different forms of training where you have a particular goal or competition/, etc, it often follows a specific pattern designed to give maximum performance on the day to the goal, match/etc.  The training cycle is usually begum well within a trainee’s capabilities.  What this does is allow for a build up to the goal date.  Continued in a steady fashion, the numbers, performance, and your body’s response to it should continue to improve during the course of the cycle.  By the end of the training cycle, you should be very close to your “peak” or best level of conditioning.  Paradoxically, due to the stresses of training this conditioning is usually followed by a period of decline or overtraining if the routine is pursued past this point.

Peaking too early is when you train with too much intensity or volume too early in the cycle.  What that does is to cause your conditioning to peak well before the predetermined date.  This obviously disrupts the progress of the cycle, and cuts short the momentum of your growth.

Q. I’m preparing for the new cycle and realizing I have a few questions about penis hanging….

… First, what household stuff can I use to make some weights? Should I just hang a 16 oz full water bottle? Would that be good weight? Then eventually step up to 2 water bottles?

Big Al:  You can use anything convenient for penis hanging.  Fishing weights, barbell weight disks, or measured portions of sand will all work.  That being said, it should be practical.  You can fill up a milk jug with sand or lead fishing weights and it’s doubtful you’ll need two bottles any time soon with that method.  Starting off with 1-2 lb should be sufficient.

Editor Note: When using water for weight, remember this saying, “A pint’s a pound the world around.” — 16 ounces of water (a pint) weighs 1 pound.  Starting off with a small amount of weight and gradually increasing will help you prevent injury. Be sure to check out our comprehensive article on penis hanging, before you undergo any hanging routine – What Is Penis Hanging? How to Build a Bigger Penis with Weights.

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