Pelvic Floor Health and Male Sexuality

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Pelvic Floor Health and Male Sexuality

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Women have long realized that the pelvic floor has a big impact on their sexuality.[1] Men have been slower to realize this and have tended to be penis focused. Even when they look beyond the penis, the focus has tended to be the prostate, and there has even been confusion between prostate effects and pelvic floor effects.[2]

The beginning point for mainstream recognition of the importance of the pelvic floor was the kegels.[3] Unfortunately, this understanding was incomplete; and while it addressed some problems, it created others. Kegel exercises are often helpful in cases of weakness of superfical muscles of the pelvic floor. However, in cases where there is excessive tension/spasm, or in more complex cases, their indiscriminate use can be counterproductive.

PEGym Observes the Importance of Pelvic Floor Health

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PEGym has long recognized that among the long list of symptoms of pelvic floor problems are a number that impact male sexuality. Seeing the issue and with little availability of mainstream answers, site members devised pelvic floor treatments for common sexual complaints. These often revolved around stretches, massages, and the like. PEGym has forums with numerous threads involving pelvic floor training, particularly in the field of premature ejaculation training but also erectile dysfunction (ED), male multiple orgasm (MMO), hard flaccid (HF), and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS).

At the time, this was ahead of the science and the general approach lacked validating studies. Some well respected mainstream authorities made statements like premature ejaculation is incurable. Well, science moves forward and there are now numerous studies supporting training of the pelvic floor.[4][5][6][7] Physiotherapy has become the vehicle for mainstream medical professionals to provide pelvic floor therapy.

Many of the methodologies they use are very similar to the methods used onsite for some time. Of course they have the advantage of classical training and being able to access the client for testing. The disadvantages of trying to diagnose an issue over the internet is also obvious.

Why It’s Worth Visiting a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Unfortunately, much of the mainstream medical community is still unaware of the role of the pelvic floor in common male sexual complaints, let alone that physio has started to deal with them. If you have been to several general practice doctors and urologists who are unable to diagnose the issue, or say it’s in your head, it may be worth a visit to a physio who does male pelvic floor work.

Physio working on male pelvic floor health is still relatively cutting edge. It may be difficult to access outside of developed western countries and metro areas.

Many PEGym members still find great value in the exercises described onsite, both as a stand alone therapy and for use as an adjunct to physio.


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About the Author, Pegasus

As a young man, Pegasus self-discovered male multi-orgasm (MMO) training at a time when it was believed impossible. Working with kegels, reverse kegels, and edging, he noticed both the multi-orgasm benefits and PE benefits. As time went on, MMO forms within mystic practices like Tantra became well-known, but Pegasus focused on non-mystic MMO. Joining “mainstream” PE and influenced by the ethos of PEGym’s White Tiger, JonPop, he teaches pelvic floor training and edging to deal with issues like premature ejaculation.

His other interests include judo and gym.

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