Penile Enlargement – Tracking Your Progress is Important

Penile Enlargement Tracking

Why Track Your Progress?

Penile Enlargement Tracking

Because exercising your penis is different from exercising at the gym.

You don’t have your buddies to exercise with and — most importantly — to motivate you.  You are your sole motivation. The best way to stay motivated is to commit yourself to a program and put your penis enlargement goals in writing.

A “progress journal” is more than just a continual reminder of your penis enlargement goals, though.  It also allows you to go back and see what helped you gain in the past. This is particulalry important if you ever get stuck in a “rut” (or plateau).

Keeping a detailed log also helps further the world’s knowledge on penis enlargement, as many men — including the moderators of this site — are trying to find out the “best way” to penile exercise.

How To Track Your Progress

There are currently three main ways for you to track your progress.

  1. Keep a progress journal on our penis enlargement forums.
  2. Use Gain Master Penis Enlargement Software, a free progress-tracking program.
  3. Use a hardcopy binder and paper.

1 – Progress Log on the Penis Enlargement Forums

Keeping a progress log on the forums is the best way to track your progress. A forum-log is useful for two main reasons:

  1. Others can give you necessary feedback and critique on your routines.
  2. It’s easy for others to see exactly what you did to gain.

Long-time Penis Enlargement Gym member Beavertaffy goes over several other important aspects of tracking your progress online in his post, Start a Journal/Log! Here’s a snippet of what he said:

Reasons you should keep a penis enlargement journal on The PEGym Forums:

  • You’ll probably get to have a refreshing experience like one I recently just had. I was looking through my log from 2007 so I could emulate a time period when I know I was getting good gains. I saw a little note I left because I was excited that my girth was getting to 5.5 while I was clamped; now it’s 5.5 with a mediocre erection! …and I reach 5.75 clamped! I felt like I hadn’t really gotten very far in the past year until I read that.
  • You’ll be able to see more clearly if something you did one month worked very well (and be able to repeat it much more accurately).
  • You’ll feel more accountable for trying to sneak in too many extra training sessions, or take too many days off (depending on whether you’re more prone to over-training or getting lazy).
  • The evidence of your slow, creeping (or perhaps fast) progress will motivate others.
  • Somebody might catch it and say something if you’re making a mistake in your training.

Beavertaffy says, “I really recommend making a little bit of time for a progress log. Once you get started you’ll figure out how to post a new workout in just a minute or two.”

How to Start a Progress Log On The Forums

  1. Log-in or create a free account.
  2. Go to the Progress Log Forum.
  3. Click on “New Thread.”
  4. Create a title and enter the information you would like to record in your progress log (see Important Tips! below to find out what information you should track).

2 – Using FREE Gain Master Penis Enlargement Software

In an ideal world, you could quickly enter your data and routines into a systematic progress-log-program that would gather your penis enlargement data for you. Then that data would be in a database that could be used to:

  1. See when you made your best gains, at what rate you gain, your possible future gains, and other various factors that apply to you.
  2. See where you stand compared to other men who enetered their information.
  3. Help build data on the best routines, exercises, and methods on a mass scale, which could be used to scientifically find patterns. For example, the program might find that men make the most gains when they take L-Arginine supplements.

This might sound farfetched now, but PE Gym moderator Iguana is leading an effort build a program to do just that – the Gain Master Penis Enlargement Software. The program is currently in the beta stages, but you can download it for free from this forum post.

The software can help you do three things:

  1. To help construct and store your routines
  2. To store your stats and record progress
  3. To provide statistical reports on your goals and progress

3 – Use a hardcopy binder and paper

Using a binder and paper is the least chosen option for many reasons.

First, if you’re exercising your penis in private, the last thing you want is someone to find a penis enlargement progress log laying around the house. Second, it’s easier to lose a hardcopy version in a fire, or misplace it somewhere (which is a problem with everything that isn’t backed up online).

Third, feedback is often important in penis enlargement, especially since it’s such a new “art.” When you don’t post your routine online for others to see, you might be overlooking something that another man would easily catch. Depending on how big the thing is that you missed, this could translate into lost time and lost gains.

Neverthless, many men prefer to keep their progress tracked in a binder. If you’re interested in doing it this way, print up several copies of this progress log page and put it into a binder.

Important Tips!

  • Make sure you track your starting size, your goal, supplements you take, and your routine.
  • Think of other possible information to include, such as what type of warm up you used, whether you ejaculated or not, and other variables.
  • Record your information on a weekly basis.

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