Six Penis Extender Buying Tips for Penis Enlargement Exercise

Six Penis Extender Buying Tips for Penis Enlargement

There are a great number if choices when it comes to buying a penis extender, for use in your penis enlargement exercise program. The following article has the strict purpose to direct men toward making the best decision when purchasing a penis extender. Following are six tips helping you become a smarter shopper and a more effective penis enlargement exerciser.

These updated tips were developed based on my own experiences and reading of the trials and tribulations of fellow penis/penile extender users, during their penis enlargement exercise journey..

Six Penis Extender Buying Tips for Penis Enlargement

1. Does the Penis Extender Come With Extra Parts for Penis Enlargement

When shopping for a penis extender, look for one with different rod lengths, so you can “build” it to suit your flaccid length. As you grow,  from your penis enlargement exercises, you can then add extra length. We know why people buy extenders, but can you imagine buying one that is so long, you find you are too short to fit properly?

Also, look for a penile extender where you can order replacement parts, if needed. Look closely at what comes with it. Think about if you will need either extra nooses, straps, pads, comfort cushions, etc, or replacement parts. Some parts may be expendables; you buy and replace them yourself.

2. Research How You Fasten into the Extender

This is critical. It’s all about comfort! How you fasten with or without foreskin is important when deciding which extender will work best for you and your penis enlargement exercise program. There is the silicon tube noose to loop over the shaft, just behind the head or Glans. There are some extenders that use a strap, about an inch wide, which is also fastened just behind the Glans.

Some extenders allow the use of either or both noose and strap. Some have a chamber with ancillary latex, where a vacuum draws the Glans into the chamber.There may be add-on parts that change your extender, so it uses a vacuum sleeve attaching mount. With these, you fasten in flaccid.

Some extenders provide padding or foam wraps, to allow you to wrap a protective layer around the shaft. There are plenty of forum posts demonstrating other alternatives to facilitate comfort, but comfort is key.

3. Does Your Penis Extender Come With Instructions, to help with Penis Enlargement Exercise?

This is sometimes a difficult thing to shop for. Look to see if there is a manufacturer’s users forum or an 800 number for support. Does the penile extender come with a CD of instructions, PDF files, or videos for the user, to help make sure you’re using it properly and safely? These will definitely help you with your penis enlargement exercises.

Visit your favorite PE forum ( and see if others have posted instructions on use for the penis extender you’re interested in. Visit YouTube and other searches for penis extenders and the manufacturers name, to see what’s been posted on video sites regarding how to use the extender. You may discover things to be on the lookout for.

4. How Does the Penis Extender Adjust for Proper Fit?

Regretfully, this key piece of information is difficult to determine, from most penis extender web sites I’ve seen. However, this is an important aspect to consider, for your penis extender and which is going to be best for your penis enlargement exercise routine.

Generally speaking, one fastens into an extender and adjusts it, to place tension or pull on the penis. It is the stretching process that facilitate penis enlargement. But how much pull do you use?

Some penis extenders have “calibrated” springs and lines inscribed, to indicate the force being used to apply the stretch. One has lines for 600 gm, 1200 gm, 1800 gm. Others have different gram values.
600 gm = 1lb 5.16 oz
1200 gm = 2lb 10.32 oz

Some penis extenders only give a sample schedule to “add X mm every two weeks.” Or adjust to some other criteria, based on comfort, length, or some combination thereof. Think about when you’ll change these adjustments, as you progress on your penis enlargement exercise journey. Will you need to build up and adapt? Depending upon which design you choose, there are going to be aspects you will need to deal with. This is where your forum members can help.

5. Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantees for penis extenders are out there. Google around to see if you can find who lives up to their guarantees and who does not. Does the seller/manufacturer have a warranty period if a part breaks? This is where the price variance for extenders come into play. Sometimes the cheapest penis extender isn’t always the least expensive, in the long run, as you work toward your penis enlargement goals.

When I put my toe in the water, and bought an “Internet special,” I could not get long enough to get fastened in. I actually had to take parts out of it to make it shorter. It was not fun. There were no instructions. It hurt for awhile to wear it, but I was determined. Later, I bought a more expensive extender with many more options. This was definitely a step in the right direction for me and my penis enlargement exercise progress.

6. Use the PE Forums

Seek out the advice and reviews from your fellow members. Find out which penis extenders they’ve used for their penis enlargement exercises, what they liked and what they didn’t like. Hopefully this will save you some heartbreak, headaches, and regrets of not having done your homework.

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