Penis Enlargement With The PeniMaster® Penis Expander Device

PenisMaster penis expander
Penis extender exert a pulling force to enlarge the penis.
PeniMaster penis expanders
Penis expanders exert a pulling force to enlarge the penis.

What is a Penis Expander and How Does it Work for Penis Enlargement

Penis expanders exert a pulling force on the penis that facilitates penis enlargement. The elongation treatment trains the physiological capacity of the penis and stimulates the formation of new body cells within the penis, enlarging the penis in the process.

Possible Results When Applying the PeniMaster® Penis Expander Device at Least Thirty Minutes

The possible penis enlargement results you’ll achieve with the PeniMaster penis expander device, when you use it for at least 30 minutes include:

  • Multi-hour enlargement of the penis and the glans in flaccid condition, to the maximum natural dimensions of penis and glans.This is perfect for times when others will see you in a flaccid state, such as going to the sauna.

Possible Penis Enlargement Results When Applying the the PeniMaster® Penis Expander Device Several Hours a Day for at Least Four Weeks

When you use the PeniMaster penis expander for an extended length of time, as a means of penis enlargement, you may receive even greater benefits, including:

  • Multi-day enlargement of the of the penis and the glans, in a flaccid state, to the maximum natural dimensions of penis and glans.
  • Temporary, measurable and visible enlargement of the penis in flaccid condition.
  • Improved erectile function (potency) in the event of a slight erectile dysfunction.
  • Improvement in the event of premature ejaculations (ejaculatio praecox).
  • Strengthening of the sexual desire (libido).

Possible Results When Applying the the PeniMaster® Penis Expander Device Several Hours a day, for Several Months

The longer you use the PeniMaster penis expander for penis enlargement, the greater the results possible. These include:

  • Long-term elongation and thickening of the penis in a flaccid and erect state, due to cell growth
  • Long-term enlargement of the glans due to cell growth
  • Inherited penis curvatures can be reduced, particularly at an early stage of a forming pathological penis curvature (induratio penis plastica, IPP), the increasing curvature of the penis can be counteracted. An advanced IPP can be reduced.
  • Possible compensation or prevention of penis shortening (retraction) due to:prostate removal, operations on the basis of scar withdrawal, increasing age due to changes to the hormonal balance, or decreasing frequency of erections due to obesity.
  • Optional elongation of the foreskin, with the PeniMaster penis expander, is also possible.
PeniMaster Penis Expander Device
Penis growth naturally ends at approximately 20 years of age.


The Physiological Mode of Operation of the PeniMaster® Penis Expander

A body part increases in size or changes its shape by the formation of new body cells. With the male genitals, this natural procedure ends at approximately 20 years of age. If the penis is to be enlarged or straightened after this age, the penis tissue requires long-term stimulation to stimulate further cell growth and achieve penis enlargement. For this reason, the PeniMaster® subjects the penis to a physical pulling force – which is why these apparatuses are called ‘penis expanders’ or ‘penis stretchers.’

According to my experience, the penis can become longer and thicker on the basis of an elongation treatment with PeniMaster® penis expander, after its use for several months. The new body cells grow three-dimensionally, in all directions, if the penis enlargement device is applied successfully. Long-term treatment may also compensate curvatures of the penis.

If the penis expander is used for short periods of time, temporary elongations of the penis result from stretching effects.

Furthermore, an elongation treatment may have the same effect on the cavernous body as weight training. It may improve your erection hardness and the general sexual stamina.

Even Small Penis Enlargements with a Penis Expander Can be Satisfying

PeniMaster small penis enlargement
Small penis enlargement increases with a penis expander can make a big difference in satisfaction.
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