Penis Anatomy Basics

penis anatomy
The penis anatomy is comprised of

The penis is one of nature’s most amazing creations. The penis is tool for reproduction and removing liquid waste from the body, a source of incredible pleasure, and a wonder of hydrodynamics! Following is an overview of penis anatomy, to help you better understand one of your favorite body parts.

penis anatomy
The penis anatomy is primarily comprised of the corpora cavernosa, tunica, and corpus spongeosum.

Penis Anatomy Components

The penis is primarily made up of the:

  • Corpora cavernosa¬†– Two cylinders of tissue that run the length on both sides of the penis. The corpora cavernosa tissue is sponge-like, which can fill with blood when stimulated.
  • Tunica -The tunica is a tough, outer sheath of tissue surrounding the corpora cavernosa. This limits the amount the corpora can expand, so when they fill with blood, the pressure within the corpora raises and hardens the penis.
  • Corpus spongeosum – This is a tissue cylinder that runs between the two corpora cylinders in the penis anatomy. It contains the urethra, through which semen and urine pass out of the body. The corpus spongeosum thickens toward the end of the penis, forming the acorn-shaped glans.

The Mechanics Behind an Erection

One of the coolest things about the penis anatomy is its ability to become erect. Speaking from a woman’s point-of-view, it’s almost magical. However, there are hydromechanics behind that penis magic! Here’s how your erection comes to life.

  1. A stimulus (touch, sight, thought, sound, smell, etc.) causes sexual excitement, which increases the output signal from the para-ventricular nucleus in the brain.
  2. This signal travels down the spinal cord, through the pelvic nerve and to the cavernous nerves, running along the prostate gland, finally reaching the corpora cavernosa and their blood-supplying arteries.
  3. These signals tell the corpora cavernosa muscle fibers to relax, which allows them to fill with blood. The arterial muscle fibers also relax and increase the blood flow to the penis by eight-fold! The corpora’s sponge-like structure begins to fill with blood.
  4. As the corpora fills with blood, the tunica sheath is stretched, blocking off blood vessels that take blood away from the penis. This anatomy feature thereby traps the blood in the penis, increasing the pressure (at least two times the normal circulatory pressure) and causing the penis to grow hard.
  5. The pelvic floor muscles contract around the base of the corpora cavernosa. Although these are not directly part of the penis anatomy, they further help maintain the pressure within the penis, and cause the erection to become more vertical.
  6. At orgasm, the brain signals for a production of noradrenaline. This contracts the muscles of the corpora, forcing blood to leave the penis, reducing pressure, which then reduces the pressure on the tunica, allowing the blood vessels to open back up so the penis can once again become flaccid.

Penis Anatomy and Enlargement

Although nature has given men an awe-inspiring piece of reproductive equipment, it’s not uncommon for them to be unhappy with the size of their natural penis anatomy. This is where penis enlargement comes in! Penis exercises fall into two categories –¬† manual and mechanical. Manual penis exercises are those that don’t require any special equipment. These include:

Mechanical penis exercises include exercises which need special equipment to perform the exercise. These include:

  • Penis Pumps – Penis pumps come in a variety of designs developed to produce penis enlargement results. Some of the top pumps include: Bathmate and the Penomet (both water-assisted pumps); the Phallosan; and the Passion Pump.
  • Penis Hangers – These devices use weights that hang and stretch the penis. Check out LG Hanger for one of the latest designs for penis enlargement hangers.
  • Penis Extenders – Penis extenders also stretch the penis, through a mechanical device, during penis exercise. The Penis Pal; the X4 Labs Extender; the JES Extender; and the Male Edge Extender are all excellent examples of popular penis extenders.