Last Day to Save! $20 Off Phallosan Forte

Christmas July Phallosan 280x280

It’s the biggest discount of 2016!

And, today’s the last day you can take advantage of it!

Just like regular Christmas, Christmas in July can’t last forever. So, don’t miss out!

Christmas July Phallosan 280x280

The Phallosan Forte is one of the most comfortable penis extenders on the market today. With it’s unique, ground-breaking design, the Phallosan is so comfortable you can wear it for hours and hours!

Plus, it’s so discreet, you can wear it under your normal clothes, without anyone being the wiser! Just put it on and go about the rest of your day! While you do, your penis will be getting a gentle workout. It’s the ultimate in multi-tasking!

So, if you want:

  • A longer penis,
  • A thicker penis,
  • A harder erection,
  • Or even a straighter penis (yes, the Phallosan Forte can help straighten penis curve!)

You need the Phallosan Forte!

And, if you act today, you’ll save $20!  Simply enter JULYXMAS at checkout!

Merry Christmas in July!!

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