Penis Extenders: Quick Facts & Resources

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Because they work!

Penis extenders are one of the scientifically proven means of enlarging your penis. Let’s look at some quick facts about penis extenders, and some of our best resources here on PEGym!

Quick Facts About Penis Extenders

  • Penis extenders use 1.2 to 2.5 kg of tension to provide an extended stretch to the penile tissues.
  • Unbiased medical studies have been published on the effectiveness of penis extenders in several scholarly journals, including the British Journal of Urology and the Journal of Sexual Medicine.
  • In addition to stretching the tissues of the penis, creating microtears facilitating new cellular growth, penis extenders also stretch the suspensory ligament.
    • Stretching of this ligament can help allow more of the penis inside your body to come forward and be usable.

Penis Extenders Resources

If you’re considering a penis extender, definitely check out these other resources here on PEGym:

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