Why Do You Need a Penis Enlargement Pump?


positive-thinkingLast week, we talked about why you’d want a penis extender, instead of just doing manual penis exercises alone. Today, we’re going to talk about why you need a penis enlargement pump, instead of just doing manual exercises, to reach your penis enlargement goals.

Penis Pumps are Great for Girth

bathmate penis pumpPenis stretches and jelqs are very effective for getting penis length increases, but penis girth increases, using only manual exercises, have always been more challenging. This is where penis enlargement pumps really excel!  Penis pumps, like the Bathmate, expand the penis not just lengthwise, but in all directions, thanks to the vacuum in the tube. This means you get both length and girth increases.

Some Penis Pumps Allow You to Multi-task

The best-selling penis pump, in the industry, the Bathmate, is so popular for many reasons – one being you can multi-task when you pump! With Bathmate’s innovative design, you can use it in the bath or shower. Just pump up and let it do the work, while you go about your normal bathing routine. Because of this, you don’t have to find extra time (and privacy) to use your penis pump. This means you’ll use it consistently, and as we’ve discussed before, consistency is critical to reaching your penis enlargement goals.

Penis Pumps are Enjoyable

Many men enjoy the sensation of a penis pump. That’s a bonus! Plus, if you like the feeling, you’re more likely going to use it more consistently.

Penis Pumps Are Great at Improving Erection Quality and Flaccid Hang

Penis pumps work by forcing blood into the penis, with the pumps vacuum. This helps improve your bloodflow, even without the pump. Most men notice an improvement in flaccid hang, thanks to this. In addition, better bloodflow to your penis = harder, thicker, and larger erections!

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