Penile Injuries

penis injury

penis injuryAs with any exercise program, there is always a chance of injury. This is true of penis exercises as well.

Penile injuries are more likely if:

  • You try to do more exercises than your body is ready for.
  • You exercise too intensely.
  • You use more weight (such as when hanging) than your body is ready for.
  • You perform the penis exercises improperly.
  • You do not listen to your body’s physiological indicators, indicating you may be overdoing your penis exercises.
  • You do not take proper rest days, to allow your body to heal.

Because of this chance of injury, we have gathered together several of our top resources on penile injuries and how to prevent them. As always, before starting any exercise program, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor, to ensure you’re healthy enough to begin exercising.

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