Top Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays!

Celebrate the Holiday Season!

santa3Whether you’re shopping for last-minute gift ideas for your partner, or buying a present for yourself because you’ve been good all year, we have the top 6 stocking stuffer ideas that will help ensure you have a bigger “stocking” next year! These are our members’ penis enlargement favorites and are sure to make Christmas morning very merry.

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  1. Bathmate Bathpump – The innovative Bathmate bathmateBathpump takes penis pumps to the next level. Use it in or out of the bath or shower! This easy-to-use pump is perfect for warming up or cooling down, when combined with manual exercises. Or, use it alone to get that extra holiday wow! PLUS, get $10.00 off right now, on any pump $159.99 or more, with our special coupon code – “HOLIDAY”.
  1. Annual Membership – me coach
    This is the gift that really keeps on giving! Way better than the jelly-of-the-month club! With MECoach, you’ll get expert coaching, custom-tailored to your unique goals, that will help you take your penis enlargement efforts to the next level.
  1. LG Hanger – The LG Hanger will have you saying LG Hanger Ho! Ho! Ho! in delight! This innovative hanger is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The revolutionary design provides you the most comfortable hanger, plus the most effective! With the ability to use it in multiple positions (straight down, BTC, etc.) and it’s multi-inch enlargement results from testers, it’s no wonder it’s on a lot of Christmas wish lists this year.
  1. “Penis Exercises” – This best-selling book, Penis Exercises by Rob Penis Exercises A Healthy BookMichaels, is a must-have for any guy pursuing penis enlargement. With more than 300 pages, this will become your penis enlargement “go to” source all year long. Curl up by the fire and learn not only the proper way to perform dozens of enlargement exercises, but also ways to ensure you exercise both safely and effectively, warning signs, beginner to advanced exerciser routines, and so much more! Chock full of photographs, this is the most comprehensive penis enlargement book on the market.
  1. The Performance Trainer – This one’s for boys both naughty PT-packageand nice! The Performance Trainer is the world’s best stamina trainer. It’s a gift both you and your partner will love! It offers the most life-like feel to actual sex. This allows you to train yourself to completely control when you climax, while also enhancing your erection hardness and promoting penis growth. (PERFORMANCE TRAINER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
  1. MaleExtra Supplements – MaleExtra is the perfect maleextrasupplement for your penis enlargement efforts and will have you harder than the North Pole. In addition to promoting penis growth through improved circulation, and increasing your hardness, MaleExtra also improves your stamina. A harder and larger penis that last longer in bed? Oh, yes, it’s going to be a very Merry Christmas!!



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