Penis Enlargement Devices

Devices are not needed to see penis enlargement gains. Beginners are better off starting with manual exercises. That said, many penis enlarger devices do have perks – such increasing the intensity and being able to do two things at once. Here is a list of penis devices that many men have reported to help them in their quest for a bigger and harder penis.

The directory is listed alphabetically. The placement of a company or device has nothing to do with its quality. However, all of the devices on this list had to have been used and reported on favorably in penis enlargement forums.

All Day Stretchers  & Penis Enlargement Extenders

Many men believe that keeping the penis in an extended state for long periods of time is important to big penis enlargement gains. This is where extenders and All Day Stretchers come into play – they  keep the penis stretched throughout the day with little work.

With an extender, the penis is strapped into a device that keeps the penis stretched throughout the day. Most extenders prop up one side against the pubic bone and the other side attaches to the end of the shaft. Some doctors declare that extenders can also fix Peyronie’s disease—a severe and often painful curve.


SizeGenetics offers one of the most comfortable extenders on the market today. BE SURE TO USE COUPON CODE – PEGYM100 – TO GET AN EXTRA $100 OFF THE ULTIMATE SYSTEM!

PE Weights

Light penis enlargement weights that hang on the penis with the help of a wrap or a sleeve.


One of the original penis enlargement extender extenders that circles around the base of the penis and keeps it extended. Comes with a comfortable fastening strap and a 3-year warranty.


A penis enlargement extender that uses a comfortable silicone sleeve to encircle the head of the penis and keep it extended.

Clamping Devices

Clamping devices take the mechanism of a cock ring – engorging the penis – one step further.  For more information on clamping, see penis clamping.


PE Weights sells a variety of penis enlarger tools, including an air clamp and the common cable clamps.

Cable clamps

The maker of popular cable clamps. Can buy from their store in bulk.

Jelq Devices

Jelq devices are designed to provide the same effect as the jelq, but with more intensity. Jelq devices use two padded cylinders to jelq the penis while giving your hands a break. Jelq devices can also be used to get a better grip while stretching.

The Original Jelq Device

The first jelq simulator on the market.

Penis Enlargement Hangers

Hangers are an advanced type of stretching and are most useful for acquiring length. One end of the device attaches to some part of your penis shaft (not the head) and the other end hangs weight. Hanging with high weight is often unnecessary and isn’t advised for beginners. Time can range from under and hour to several hours or more.


The Phallosan Forte uses a patented vacuum system in a revolutionary hanger.

LG Hanger

One of the most comfortable hangers on the market. The LG Hanger is a technological leap forward created by Dr. Ric Howard of


A popular hanger with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Can also be used to create extreme Ulis.


A unique hanger that combines pumping and hanging.


A hanger that requires no wrapping and is a useful aide for manual stretching. Has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penile pumps are sold at many adult novelty stores, sex shops, and sex catalogs.  They’re also sold directly from the following companies.  The best pumps have a pressure gauge.  Without a pressure gauge, it’s easy to go overboard.


Our highest recommended penis pump – Bathmate. Thousands of PEGym users love this water-based pump.

LA Pumps

Currently sells two models; both of which come with an instructional DVD and a cylinder.


Sell a variety of models, including hand pumps and electrical pumps.

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