Penis Enlargement: It’s About Pleasure – Hers and Yours

If you’re here on, then you know the answer to the question – Does size really matter?


Although it’s true that size is not the end-all and be-all of sexual prowess, having the right sized tool can definitely help you get the job done. Male enhancement and penis enlargement products are a booming industry. Men of all ages are trying to find ways to get a bigger penis for one reason – pleasure.

  • Pleasure for their partner.
  • Pleasure for themselves.
techniques for foreplay and intimacy

Penis enlargement equals increased pleasure for your partner in several ways.

Penis Enlargement – Pleasure for Your Partner

A larger penis equals increased pleasure for your partner in several ways.

  1. More of a visual turn-on.
  2. Greater sensation during penetration.
  3. More flexibility with sexual positions.

Just like a firm pair of breasts or a nicely rounded butt is a turn-on for some guys, some women find a larger penis visually exciting. A large penis represents masculinity and virility, which is why so many men turn to penis enlargement. This likely harkens back to our caveman heritage, when women sought out mates who were physically stronger, who could better care for them and the children they had together.

In addition to the visual turn-on aspect, a larger penis will give your partner a greater amount of sensation during penetration. Although it’s true that the g-spot is located only a few short inches within the vagina, and the clitoris doesn’t require penetration at all, many women enjoy the feeling of a nicely-sized penis filling her during sex. Although an extremely large penis, when not used correctly, can be painful to a woman, more penis girth, as well as length, is usually not something a woman will complain about. Again, more motivation to pursue your own penis enlargement goals!

Another benefit of penis enlargement is a larger penis will allow you to have more flexibility with your sexual positions. Being able to diversify your sexual positions, thanks to penis enlargement, not only can help keep things interesting for your partner, but also allows you to experiment more with what positions work the best for her. Some women have an easier time achieving orgasm with one position over another. Having a large enough penis to make a variety of positions achievable makes sure you can perform the way she needs.

Penis pumping is an easy and pleasant way to get a larger penis.

A larger penis will not only increase your sexual charisma, but also give you an ego boost that will positively affect your life outside of the bedroom.

Penis Enlargement – Pleasure for You

Although your partner will definitely benefit from your penis enlargement journey, you too will benefit as well, in increased confidence in and out of the bedroom. In the bedroom, you’ll know you’re well-equipped to perform. Knowing you have a good-sized penis, even when others can’t see it, is an ego boost. This ego boost not only results in enhanced sexual charisma, but also general charisma.

Penis enlargement personal benefits extend far beyond the bedroom. When you’re confident in your personal life, this naturally makes you a happier person. When you’re happier, this spills into your professional life. It’s a snowball of confidence and happiness that feeds on itself and grows bigger and bigger. Although penis enlargement may not solve all your troubles, becoming happy with your physical self is a great step in the right direction, and there is no greater pleasure in life, than being happy with yourself!

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