Penis Enlarging – Now I Believe!

Penis Enlarging - Now I Believe

Some guys start to feel insecure about their penis when a partner says a negative comment regarding their “manhood”; other guys have felt insecure about their penis for all of their post-adolescent life. The latter was the case for Dan.

Penis Enlarging - Now I Believe

“I knew I was smaller than average because I was athletic and saw a lot of naked guys in the dressing room and showers. I first became conscience of this fact when I was in 7th grade. But I had not gone through puberty yet and still had hope for my shriveled up acorn,” says Dan. “I was a late bloomer and finally changes happened in the beginning of 11th grade. Man did I shoot up. I was over 6 feet tall. However, my dick forgot to get on the growth bus.”

Statistically speaking, Dan was right around average. However, he felt that his penis should be more proportioned to his taller body frame. This led to downward spiral of insecurity. He hated going to the bathroom in public, he hated having to see a doctor if clothes were to be taken off, and he even feared death because he felt “they all would laugh in the morgue” (he laughs looking back on it now).

So Dan finally got to the point where he was fed up with his fears and decided to do something about it. “I got sick and tired of my small size over the years and was going to get a larger unit somehow,” he says.

He found penile exercising, and in two years he gained over 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth.

How did he do it? “It has been a long journey of hard work,” he warns. “It was through sheer desire. Never give up, never quit. Work at it, work at it, work at it. You have to be committed and have the drive. You really have to want it and make penile exercising a daily part of your life.”

Dan believes that if you have the commitment, you will reach your goal. How does he feel now that he’s reached his? “All I can say is that it’s awesome! My girlfriend is amazed and doesn’t know what is going on but loves it. I got together with her when I was 6.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth. She comes all the time now because I can reach places I couldn’t before.”

“Size does matter,” says Dan. “It matters to me. I only wish I knew about penis enlargement years ago. I thought it wasn’t possible without surgery. Now I believe.”

Name: Dan
Online Alias: Ophiosaurus
Age: 47
Starting Size: Length 5.5”, Girth 4.5”
Current Size: Length 8”, Girth 5.5”

*This success story was taken from the penis enlargement book Exercising The Penis.