Penis Exercising Ignited A New Spark in My 40-Year Marriage!

middle-aged couple - Penis Exercising Ignited A New Spark in My 40-Year Marriage

Chuck always felt that he had a small penis. His less-than-average penis, however, never stopped him from being able to please his wife, so he never did anything about it.

middle-aged couple - Penis Exercising Ignited A New Spark in My 40-Year Marriage

How Penis Exercises Ignited a Spark in Chuck’s 40-Year Marriate

Eventually a problem far greater than a small penis pushed Chuck over the edge: weak erections.  At over 65 years old, Chuck’s erections weren’t has hard as they use to be, and it was putting a damper on sex because he wasn’t lasting long enough for his wife to climax.

So Chuck took matters into his own hands.  He searched for an answer, and it came in the form of penile exercising. “The more I read about jelqing and stretching the more I believed it.”

Results Immediately

Chuck immediately noticed results.  “Within the first month I could see some size change in length and girth.  Even with the small amount that I had gained, I felt the difference even in our sex life.”

In less than three months, he gained 1.25 inches in length and .65 inches in girth, and his erections were stronger than ever.  But Chuck didn’t stop there.  In roughly 18 months he completely remodeled his penis—gaining a total of 2.5 inches in length and 3 inches in girth.  His penis is now four times bigger than what he started with.

But the best improvement is in his sex life with his wife.  “The other day we were talking about the difference between years ago and today’s sex. . . and she said that it feels like she is a virgin all over again, especially when the head penis pops through and opens her up.  With my larger penis she now has a harder and stronger climax then she ever had before.”  Even better, “My erections stay harder and last longer then ever and I also have a more explosive ejaculation then I ever had.”

Chuck cautions that the results didn’t happen overnight.  He boosts his success largely on his solid work ethic and his dedication to increasing the intensity.  “Penis enlargement takes time and commitment,” says Chuck.  “But every moment spent penile exercising has been worth it.  Penile exercising has been a blessing for my wife and I—a new spark has pushed our marriage of 40 plus years to a new high!”

Interviewee Stats

Name: Chuck
Online Alias:Dustpan
Age: 64
Starting Size: Length 5.25”, Girth 3.75”
Current Size: Length 7.75″ , Girth 6”

*This success story was taken from Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health, the book written by the founder of The Penis Enlargement Gym.


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