Developing a Penis Extender Workout Routine

Developing a Penis Extender Workout Routine - alarm clock

This section of the penis extender guide explains the necessity of creating a penis extender routine that will fit into your schedule. This section also will cover how you should track your extender sessions and gains with a log, as well as the best ways to incorporate using an extender with your manual penis exercises.

Developing a Penis Extender Workout Routine

Now What?

Now that I have covered how to properly use a penis extender, it is necessary to develop a routine based on your daily schedule, goals for gains, and proper implementation. Since this site is devoted mainly to the manual stretching and jelqing techniques and exercises, I find it safe to assume a vast majority of the readers here are mainly looking for a way to add extending to your PE routine already in place, so this will also be covered. First, there are some things to consider.

Finding Time

If you will recall from the first section, extending can be quite arduous and in my humble opinion and for safety reasons, using a penis extender should really not be done while driving or in any public situation because of possible injury as well as cheapening your gains and wasting your time with not enough tension. Let me put it another way: If you can walk around normally with your extender on, then you are most likely doing it incorrectly or in a fashion that will not produce maximum gains for the time spent extending.

This means that you will have to find some quasi-private time when you can wear only a towel, very loose sweat pants or preferably nothing at all while you use your penis extender. Now, the fact that you have the time to be here reading this article/website generally assumes that you have at least a few private hours to yourself by which you could possibly also be wearing an extender and making blog posts, as in, right now!

You Really Do Have the Time

Face it, you have the time to devote to extending if you can sit in front of a computer and read this article now in private, which is likely the case. Now, if you have already spent the money on an extender (they are not cheap) and you are reading this article, it shows that you must want to put in some time and get the most out of your penis extending sessions.

One great thing about extending is that you can occupy yourself with other things while you wear the penis extender, so multitasking is definitely a possibility. But don’t plan on getting in your daily run or weight room session while you use your penis extender, you just can’t do so. However, any activity where you will be sitting or lying down for 98% of the time is perfect time for using your penis extender.

Extender Routine 101

So we have already covered the main issues, those being that you will need at least enough privacy to open your pants every 10-15 minutes to check for numbness and increase/adjust the tension.
Now, you will want to consider what times are best and when you will be performing actions like sitting at the computer, watching TV or doing nothing at all, that is, times each day when you can count on being able to use/wear your extender.

The key element to keep in mind regarding these time periods for extending is consistency. There may be instances for “extra time” that you can get an extra hour here and there, but the key thing to remember with your baseline routine are the times that you know you will be able to use it.
And it’s ultimately up to you to decide if you want a bigger, thicker penis. With proper technique and patience, you will begin to notice your BPXL begin to increase, and that you can hold a head-swell at longer lengths for longer periods of time.

Combining Penis Extending with Manual Penis Enlargement Exercise Sessions

One thing many guys ask on the PEGym forums is “How can I use my penis extender in combination with my manual penis enlargement exercise sessions that I currently do?” Well, this is not an easy task, especially once you consider first all the time it takes out of your day to do the other necessary things like work, school, and housework. However, there are some even more important things to consider.

One thing that is important to consider is when best to use the extender in relation to manual exercises. I have found that it has made an extreme difference in flaccid hang and I imagine eventual gains by wearing my extender immediately after my complete stretching/jelqing sessions. This is because of how it keeps the penis in an extended state after a rigorous workout.

I also think that it is not bad to use the extender before, but to avoid injury I would not wear the extender an hour or less before a manual penis exercises, as to not put too much stress on the penis while exercising with adequate intensity.

The Power-Hour

One concept that bgstick18 and I have developed is the idea of the “Power Hour”. This concept is that of wearing a penis extender for an hour at full tension then taking it off. This is only advised for men that have used a penis extender for 6 months to a year and are well accustomed to extreme stretches. We believe that your BPXL should be at least an inch longer than your BPEL before attempting a power hour.

When doing a power-hour, the idea is to get your penis to its maximum BPXL immediately after putting on the extender and getting a head-swell. Sure, it may be possible to add even more tension throughout the power-hour, but the idea is that you get pretty close to max tension right from the beginning.

I have found that by doing this right after manual exercises is making a huge difference in the way my penis feels, and I hypothesize that maximum optimal gains will ensue! More research needs to be done on the power-hour and how it helps/affects overall gains.

Final Note

Your routine for wearing your penis extender is a critical element in achieving gains and should be a well thought out plan. By organizing the free time in your day you can really optimize the time spent wearing your penis extender. And by then incorporating your penis extender routine with a manual exercise regimen, it is believed that even more gaining potential will manifest.

Calixto, who has a Master’s degree in Linguistics, was picking up Spanish on Mexico’s nude beaches when he found himself learning another lesson about his penis enlargement goals.  In his words, “I WANTED IT TO BE BIGGER!”  He also wanted a restored foreskin.  Since 2006, he has spent his time in pursuit of his goals, wearing penis devices as well as learning everything possible on the subject of penis enhancement.  Calixto “enjoys everything regarding PE,” and credits the PEGym with shaping his vision.
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  1. I have a question for all you guys. I have done a ton of research on the bodies natural androgen cycle and it seems for most men without issues, testosterone levels are typically at their peak when you first wake up. Testosterone in of itself will not make your penis grow however, is a precursor for penile tissue development. That being said, do you guys know or think PE exercises might be best done in the morning hours? I cannot find any info on other experiences o this.


  2. Calixto you have written yet another great article. Thanks for dispelling the myth I had that an extender could be worn while going out into public, I realize now, in those situations, only an ADS is ‘safe’.

    I also like your concept of the ‘power hour’ it sounds like a great way to create some controlled damage, micro tears, and deformation to help my penis heal longer than it was before.

  3. I’ve read your article series about extenders, and I’m impressed with the details you cover from A-Z. Simple, direct, and informative. Well done Calixto!

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