Which is Better – A Penis Extender or Penis Pump?

penis pump vs penis extender

penis pump vs penis extenderIn addition manual exercises to reach your male enhancement goals, there are several devices on the market. Two of the most prominent categories of devices are penis extenders and penis pumps. For that reason, one of the more common questions we receive is — Which is better – A penis extender or a penis pump?

Our answer is —

It depends.

How Penis Extenders and Penis Pumps Work

First, it’s helpful to understand the basic mechanics behind how penis extenders and penis pumps work. Penis extenders are a traction device. They hold the penis in a stretched state for hours at a time. Penis pumps, on the other hand, use vacuum to expand the penile tissues. Often, pumping sessions are measured in minutes, rather than hours.

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Your Male Enhancement Goals vs. Getting a Penis Extender or a Penis Pump

Because how extenders and pumps work are so different, your male enhancement goals may be better served by one or the other. If you’re looking for penis length enlargement, a penis extender is a scientifically proven device to get you to your length goals. Increases in girth will also follow, but because of the directional stretching, length increases is what most men see first.

On the other hand, if you’re more concerned about girth, a penis pump’s full expansion outward of the penile tissues is a great girth enhancement device, when used consistently. Length increases do also occur, but again, the directionality of the force often sees girth increases first.

If erection quality is a male enhancement goal, a penis pump will help you see immediate result. Because of the vacuum, blood is forced into the penis, as those tissues are expanded. This means most men see an erection that is not only immediately larger, but also significantly harder than normal, with the first use. In fact, the use of a penis pump, in conjunction with a cock ring, is a medically approved erectile dysfunction treatment, helping thousands of men have a satisfying sex life! Continued use helps cement these changes. An extender will also help improve erection hardness, through the continued exercise of the penis, but not as noticeably as quickly as a penis pump.

Time and Cost of Penis Extenders vs Penis Pumps

As mentioned earlier, penis extenders are often worn for extended periods of time, to maximize the benefits. Extenders like the Phallosan Forte can be comfortably worn throughout the day, under your clothing. This allows you to get to your enlargement goals much quicker than if you were only to use the extender for short periods of time.

Penis pumps aren’t used all day. In fact, pumps like the Bathmate can be used in the bath or shower, allowing you to pump, while you go about your normal bathing routine. Penis pumps are perfect if you have limited time available, and are unable to wear an extender through the course of your day.

Cost, of course, for many is a big factor. The good news is there are penis extenders and penis pumps to fit every budget.  Here are some cost breakdowns:


X-4 Labs$129.95
Male EdgeStarting at $179.95
Euro Extender$199.95
SizeGeneticsStarting at $199.95
JES Extender$239.00
Phallosan Forte$339.00


BathmateStarting at $109.95

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