Penis Extenders Are More Effective than Surgery

Penis Extenders Are More Effective than Surgery

Penis Extenders Are More Effective than SurgeryA longer, thicker penis is a goal for tens of thousands of men. When looking at options, surgery is often a consideration. However, when comparing the results achieved by surgery, coupled by the risks associated with surgery, it becomes clear that penis extenders are far more effective than surgery.

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Surgical penis enlargement for length typically involves severing the suspensory ligament at the pubic bone. This allows the inner penile tissue to slip forward. For girth, surgical enlargement usually involves grafting material under the penile skin. Penile lengthening surgery usually results in a 1/2-inch to 2-inch gain in length,  Girth enlargement surgery can result in a 25% to 35% increase in girth. However, despite these results, there is significant risks involved in these surgeries.

For penis lengthening surgery, loss of erection angle, sometimes to the point that vaginal insertion becomes an issue, is a significant concern. Matrix for girth enhancement can be rejected by the body. With both surgeries, complications, such as infection, nerve damage, erectile problems, and more are all possibilities, as well as general surgical risks – like the dangers associated with anesthesia. To add to these risks, the financial cost of these surgeries can be thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars.

Penile extenders, in contrast, offer both safe and effective penis enlargement, at a fraction of the cost. Numerous studies have been published proving traction devices, like penis extenders, will increase penile length and girth, when used correctly and consistently. In addition, these devices can help correct penile curvature (Peyronie’s disease).  You get the penis enlargement results you want, without all of the risks associated with surgery.

There are several good quality penis extenders on the market today.

  • Phallosan Forte Package Penis Extender Male EnhancementPhallosan Forte – The Phallosan is one of the most comfortable extenders on the market today. Using vacuum technology, you can wear the Phallosan all day long, getting you to your enlargement results faster than ever before.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender

  • SizeGenetics – The SizeGenetics extender is a high-quality extender, that’s easy to use. The multi-head piece prevents slippage, and it’s spring-loaded for precise traction. BE SURE TO USE COUPON CODE – PEGYM100 – TO GET AN EXTRA $100 OFF THE ULTIMATE SYSTEM!

  • X4 LabsX4 Labs Penis Extender – The X4 Labs extender is a cost efficient, quality extender. Their hybrid support piece provides increased traction and better blood circulation to the penis.




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