PENIS FATIGUE AND WEIGHT HANGING: Maximizing Your Weight Hanging Gains

This article delivers to the reader some of the most “tried and true” methods for identifying the necessary fatigue required from penis hanging known to deliver penis enlargement goals.

PENIS FATIGUE AND WEIGHT HANGING Maximizing Your Weight Hanging Gains


In order to maximize your penis weight hanging gains it is important to reach fatigue daily. Creating fatigue with each session assures you’re doing enough controlled damage to deform your penile tissues and create erect penis length gains. In the context of penis enlargement, fatigue is analogous to controlled damage. This means you’re deforming your penile tissues with a combination of micro-tearing, stretching, creep, etc.

Reaching fatigue can be dangerous. Avoid sharp pain, and always err on the side of caution. An injury will set you back more than hanging a few less pounds or taking a day off. A very mild type of soreness is normal with hanging and cannot be avoided. However, if you’re sore for more than 24 hours this may indicate you’ve pushed too hard too soon.


You know you’ve reached fatigue when you feel compelled to lower the weight. Avoid sharp pain, but realize with penis hanging you may feel some mild burning pain (skin stretch) or other types of discomfort.

Even though it will defy logic at times, listen to your body. Your feelings that will indicate whether you need to increase or decrease the weight & those same feelings will indicate when you’ve reached fatigue. Once you reach fatigue, don’t hesitate to reduce the weight.


Anecdotal evidence has shown that penis weight hangers that eventually progress to 10 hours or more of strapped in penis hang-time per week tend to gain substantially more than those that don’t.

Strapped in hang-time refers only to the time you’re spending actually hanging weight from your penis (10 minute rest periods do not count towards this total). If you’re using a Bib Hanger (or another traditional hanging device), 30x twenty minute penis hanging sets represents 10 hours of hang-time.

Hanging is still an excellent way to create penis length gains even if you’re only able to complete one set per day. However, you will maximize your gains more effectively if you eventually (and incrementally) work up to 10 hours or more per week.


A “Split Set” is just an extra hanging set completed several hours away from your primary sets. You can further enhance your penis weight hanging gains by adding a second “Split Set” each day, 12 hours from your initial sets. This is not an absolute requirement, but it is effective.

Using split sets helps pull out the crimps and re-break your most limiting factors to help restore your penis back to a more elongated state; the state you created with your hanging sets earlier that day. Split sets are most effective when combined with daily penis weight hanging.


A penis weight hanging expert (Bib, aka Bigger) developed a technique called “Riding the Fatigue”. To “Ride the Fatigue” you need to reach the point of fatigue early in your hanging routine, during your first or second hanging set. Then in subsequent sets, the weight is reduced as needed.

If you’re able to hang more weight in subsequent sets, then you know you’re not properly riding the fatigue. When you ride the penis fatigue, you’re maximizing your controlled damage (creep, deformation and micro-tears). Just be sure to avoid macro tears or injuries. Loss of feeling, swelling, hemorrhaged veins or thrombosis in the veins are all indicators that you’ve pushed things too far.


With any type of penis enlargement exercise, it’s important to continually target the same tissues to create enough controlled damage to result in deformation and penis length gains. Remember, our goal is to create a bigger, longer penis, not a stronger penis.

Avoid the “Shotgun Approach”. If you’re too inconsistent and you change your angle of attack too often you may fail to create enough deformation to result in penis length gains. Be sure to fatigue your primary angle of attack daily. Reach fatigue early, and ride the fatigue in subsequent sets.


Hanging daily will allow you to optimize your hanging gains. Our bodies continually strive to reach an equilibrium; a previous state of ‘balance’. With hanging you’ll be working hard to create controlled damage to increase your penis length, while your body’s healing will, to some extent, constantly work against your efforts. Too much rest will undo the deformation, micro-tearing and creep you’ve worked so hard to create.

If you absolutely can’t hang any weight at any hanging angle, you’ve overdone it and you will have to call it a day. If you feel near injury and can’t hang any amount of weight then you may need to take a rest day. Ideally, you will hang split sets daily or at least complete a single hanging set each day (eventually reaching a total of 10 hours of strapped in hang-time weekly).


It is important to listen to what your penis is telling you. Sharp pain is a warning sign that you may be near injury; if this happens, immediately reduce the weight. Assuming you’ve used proper hanging technique, this pain indicates you’ve created micro-tearing, deformation & creep.

If you’ve been hanging a few months of less, be patient and give yourself time to adjust to hanger attachment point stresses and skin stretching. It’s perfectly normal to gain nothing during the first month of hanging.


  • 10 Hours of Strapped in Hang-Time Weekly
  • Go by Feel
  • Ride the Fatigue
  • Hang Daily
  • Split Sets

Master your hanging technique, penis hang daily with split sets, and ride the fatigue. Gains will soon follow!

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