Penis Hanger vs Penis Extender: Which is Better for Penis Enlargement?

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Penis Hanger vs Penis Extender - banana penis imageYou have penis enlargement goals you want to reach, have done the research, and decided you want to get to your goal as quickly as possible. With that in mind, you decide you’re definitely going to buy some sort of penis enlargement device and have it narrowed down to two choices — penis extender or penis hanger. But, which is better for penis enlargement?

If you look at our forums, you’ll see lots of guys have used both penis extending and penis hanging to get the results they want. And, much like Apple versus Droid phones, you find guys who are devout fanatics on both sides of the issue. 🙂 Keep reading to here about the pros and cons of each device, so you can make your own, educated decision about which device is going to be right for you.

Penis Hanger Pros for Penis Enlargement

  • Penis Hanger Pro #1 – Hangers are usually less expensive than penis extenders.
  • Penis Hanger Pro #2 – Penis hangers allow you to really customize the amount of tension you have on your penis, from fraction of an ounce to pounds.
  • Penis Hanger Pro #3 – Penis hangers are an effective means to get the penis enlargement results you want, especially increases in length, when used consistently and correctly, over a period of time.
  • Penis Hanger Pro #4 –You can change the angle of your hang, more easily than with an extender.

Penis Hanger Cons for Penis Enlargement

  • Penis Hanger Con #1 – Hanging is definitely best-suited for seasoned PEers, because of the amount of force on the penis.
  • Penis Hanger Con #2 – Because there really is no limit to the amount of weight that you can hang, there is a greater chance for injury, especially for men who try to hang too much weight too quickly.
  • Penis Hanger Con #3 – Most penis hangers require uninterrupted, private hanging time.
  • Penis Hanger Con #4 – There’s a challenge with “turkey neck”, especially with uncircumcized men.

Penis Extender Pros for Penis Enlargement

  • Penis Extender Pro #1 – Penis extenders are a medically (published in scholarly, scientific journals) proven means of penis enlargement, especially increasing penis length.
  • Penis Extender Pro #2 – Most penis extenders have been designed for increased comfort – such as the SizeGenetics and the Phallosan Forte.
  • Penis Extender Pro #3 – Some penis extenders have such a discreet design, they can be worn under normal, everyday clothing, while you go about your day – like the Phallosan Forte.
  • Penis Extender Pro #4 –  Because there is a limit to the amount of tension an extender will place on your penis, they are relatively safer than penis hanging.

Penis Extender Cons for Penis Enlargement

  • Penis Extender Con #1 – Because of their more intricate design, penis extenders are usually more expensive, although some, like the Quick Extender Pro, are very affordable.
  • Penis Extender Con #2 – There is a limit to the amount of tension an extender can give, dependent on the design. While this makes them safer, it does require more time for hanging to achieve the same results.
  • Penis Extender Con #3 – Penis extenders must be worn for hours at a time, to be effective in creating the microtears in the cells, to facilitate new, real tissue growth. However, because of the increased comfort of higher-end models, many men wear their penis extender while they conduct normal, daily activities and/or sleep.

Do you have a preference – penis hanger over penis extender? What do you think the pros/cons of your preferred device are? Tell us in the comments below!!


  1. i bought the extender pro but guess not using it long enough with 1-2 hours per day
    Since i started using the bath mate my shaft has become rather thick and its hard to get my dick in all the way of the extender ….

  2. I use both I hang Sitting in chair 3 sets with legs up on another chair to oncrease tention on ligs with 5 pounds for 30 minutes each an then do a 4th set of 20 minutes.
    Then I use SizeGenetics all day an night with little breakes here an there. I just started a week an a half ago.

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