Penis Hanging Equipment Checklist

Penis Hanging Equipment Checklist

This portion of the penis hanging guide discusses some considerations for useful equipment needed for proper hanging.

Penis Hanging Equipment Checklist

Now that you have decided on the type of penis weight hanging device you will purchase, you will still need some additional supplies before you’re ready to start penis hanging. Here’s a list of things you will need to gather together so you will be well prepared.

With both VAC hanging and standard hanging devices, you will need almost the exact same equipment. The only differences are that with Vacuum hanging requires a special type of tape, and in fact does not require a wrapping.

Things You Need to Start Hanging:

  • Wrapping
  • Office Chair
  • Tape
  • Lotion
  • Weights
  • PVC 4” Half-Pipe
  • Grooming


While a few guys are perfectly happy with just one layer of wrapping (an over-wrap only), most prefer something with at least two layers (If you’re using a VAC hanger, skip this section on wrapping). There are several options that are suitable for both over-wrap and under-wrap, I’ll list most of the more common ones below. Note: some guys use an “over-wrap” only, such as Thera-band.

The under-wrap protects the skin on your penis, while still providing enough friction for your over-wrap to stay in place without slippage. The over-wrap provides enough friction to prevent hanger slippage during penis hanging while still provide a degree of comfort and protection. I find that HTW is ideal for preventing skin pulling or pinching, however it would always roll up like a condom.

I found that a What-A-Grip rubber tube (stretched out) was perfect for holding my HTW in place.If you don’t have a sensitive penis, you may find that all you need is Thera-Band. I have tried this though, and I don’t like the way it pulls on my penis skin, since I end up confusing skin pain with hanging pain, and I end up not using as much penis weight as I should during my penile lengthening sets (counter-productive).

Under-Wrap? Added Comfort Measures

Sweat Shirt (SS): a cotton shirt, cut into strips 1.25” to 1.75” wide
Hair Tie Wrap (HTW): a “Scunci”, model 17906-A, cut and rolled on like a condom (thin, flexible, cloth)

What-A-Grip (WAG): a thin rubber tube which must be forcefully stretched out so it does not constrict blood flow

Over-Wrap: (required to prevent hanger slippage)
Thera-Band: use silver 22mil, grey in color, cut into 1.25” to 1.75” wide strips, about 24” long.
Chamois Leather Wrap: Cut it into 1.25” to 1.75” wide strips

Office Chair

I use a swivel high back office chair with arm rests for hanging during penis enlargement. It has a built in hydraulic so I can raise the chair height if needed. Some guys hang while in bed, or from other types of chairs. I prefer to hang while working on other things, so the office chair remains my top choice.


Standard Hangers
Scotch tape allows you to secure your wrap, so it does not become loose and fall off while you’re hanging or in-between sets while penis extending. Avoid putting scotch tape right on the side of your left or right erectile chamber, because this can cause hanger slippage. Try to make your wrap finish on the top or bottom of your shaft, so the tape does not interfere.

VAC Hangers:
VAC hangers don’t use a wrap; however, they do use tape to protect their penis. Medical tape called “3M Micropore Tape” is ideal for VAC hanging because it leaves no residua adhesive. If you want to save a few dollars for your penis exercising using hanging device, you can use Vaseline, lotion, or baby powder under scotch tape to protect your glans and urethra.

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