Stoned Sperm?

stoned sperm

With the landmark legalization of recreational marijuana use in Colorado and Washington, a nation is beginning to question a long stigmatized drug. Although there are well-spoken proponents and opponents arguing both sides of the issue, there are scientifically proven effects …

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Jelq for Health Chats!

jelq for health chat

To celebrate our first annual Jelq for Health month, we’ll be hosting several chat sessions with penis enlargement experts – Big Al of and Dr. RIchard Howard of! Get advice, answers to questions, and more in these online …

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Oral Sex and Throat Cancer

In 2010, Micheal Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer.

In 2010, actor Michael Douglas underwent two months of chemotherapy and radiation, as he battled throat cancer. Douglas is now currently in remission.  This longtime smoker and drinker was recently asked if he regretted his drinking and smoking, in light …

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