Essential Penile Hygiene Tips

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Your penis is one of your most prized possessions. You wouldn’t be here on if you didn’t value and want to improve your penis. However, it’s surprising how many guys don’t keep this important organ clean. You wash your hair. You brush your teeth. You clean your fingernails when they get dirty.  Your penis deserves just as much (if not more) hygienic attention. In this article we’ll discuss why a clean penis is a happy penis and how to keep it that way.

There are several reasons why a clean penis is a happy penis.
There are several reasons why a clean penis is a happy penis.

Why is a Clean Penis a Healthy Penis?

Following are just a few reasons why you want to keep your penis clean.

  • Prevent Smegma Build Up – Smegma is a natural lubricant, designed to keep the penis moist. However, smegma can build up, especially in men who are uncircumcised, and create an off-putting order.
  • Prevent Balanitis – Bacteria built up around the head of the penis, from not being kept clean, can result in balanitis. This bacterial infection results in a red, swollen and often painful head of the penis.
  • Less Likelihood of Irritation when Exercising – When exercising your penis, a clean penis is less likely to get irritated then one that is already under physical duress from bacteria.
  • Your Partner will Thank You – When it comes to sex, most women will tell you a clean penis is aesthetically more pleasing than one that is not. This is especially true when it comes to oral sex. The last thing you want is for an offensive smell or taste, due to poor hygiene, to turn your partner off.
Warm water, a soft washcloth, and a mild, non-perfumed soap is all that's needed to keep your penis clean.
Warm water, a soft washcloth, and a mild, non-perfumed soap is all that’s needed to keep your penis clean.

How to Clean Your Penis:

Vigorous scrubbing and disinfectant soaps are NOT needed to keep your penis clean and healthy. In fact, being too rough or using a soap that is too strong or too perfumed can irritate your skin. Instead,

  • Warm water,
  • A soft wash cloth, and
  • A mild, non-perfumed soap

are all you need to keep clean and fresh.

If you’re uncircumcised, be sure to gently pull back your foreskin and clean and rinse thoroughly. Addition to cleaning the shaft of the penis, don’t forget the pubic region and your testicles. The hair of the pubic region is a perfect trap for bacteria. Like your underarms, the hair here captures sweat, which can result in offensive odor. Lastly, don’t forget the area between your testicles and anus, while you’re cleaning.

When you’re finished, be sure to dry yourself off completely with a clean towel. Leaving yourself damp from showering can promote bacteria growth.

SIDE NOTE: While cleaning your testicles, this is a great time to check monthly for lumps or swelling. If you notice anything unusual, talk to your doctor immediately.


  1. Hi Diamondeagle, whether you use soap or warm water to clean the glans depends on a the sensitivity of your skin. First, it’s important to understand a little bit of how soap works. Soap is an excellent emulsifying agent. It has the ability to combine one liquid with another, when those two liquids don’t normally combine (like oil and water.) For this reason, a little mild soap can help remove any oils holding dirt and bacteria much better than water alone. However, if you have sensitive skin, where the drying effect of even mild soap causes irritation, then it’s better to simply use warm water.

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    Is it better to wash the glans with soap or only warm water? And what are the benefits of one way over the other?

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