Harry Styles of 1D, Taylor Swift and the Foreskin Mystery

harry_styles_taylor_swiftCircumcision is a focus of much penile debate. Circumcision can be a matter of cultural, religious or even medical reasons. There are arguments on both sides of this topic… and also one mystery.

Is Harry Styles, singer of One Direction, circumcised or not?

It appears Glen Callender, founder of the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (Can-FAP), is hoping he’s not, so he can become the poster child for his cause.

Can-FAP’s mission is to prevent forced circumcision on males. Callendar notes, “We have a lot of North American girls who are being conditioned from their respective cultures to say that foreskin is yucky and they don’t even understand that the young beautiful men they idolize have their penises intact.”

Which is where he hopes Styles will come in.

Callender believes Styles is still intact. However, this supposition is based on maybe not so reliable sources. National Enquirer, back in 2013, reported Styles had broken it off with Swift because he was

“sick and tired of Taylor nagging him about clipping his…” er,…well, his…er, untrimmed whatsit!

Of course, this statement was never confirmed by Styles (or Swift, for that matter), and we all know how the National Enquirer isn’t always the most reliable news source. Bat Boy, Elvis and alien sightings make many folks question the tabloid’s credibility.

Whether or not Styles is circumcised or not, it’s important to have a respectful conversation about circumcision. Men should love their bodies, no matter what, and women should appreciate their partner’s penises – cut or uncut.

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