Penises: The Week in the News

penis-newspaperHere they are! The top “penis” news stories for the week.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Kate Beckinsale Doodles Penises

kate beckinsaleThe British actress best-known for the Underworld series, apparently has a thing about penises. In addition to enjoying arranging fruit so they look like penises — she calls it her “Batman sign” — she also likes to doodle phallic-shapes. In fact, she inadvertently doodled a penis on her daughter’s homework assignment!

British Bricklayer Breaks His Penis Doing it Doggy-Style

bricklayer-broken-penisWhat started as a night of fun got a little out of control, for British bricklayer, Steven Horden. The 37-year old was having “vigorous” doggy-style sex with his girlfriend, when he heard a popping sound, and the unthinkable happened – he broke his penis! Although the penis doesn’t have bones in it, “breaking it” refers to actually tearing the tissue, typically while erect and typically due to a significant force. Left horribly bruised and bent, it’s still uncertain if Horden will fully recover his ability to have children.

Man Gets Metal Cock Ring Stuck on His Penis

stuck-metal-cock-ringIn a frightening demonstration about why it’s important to get a properly-sized cock ring, a Thai man, in Bangkok, was rushed to the hospital after realizing the one he was using was way too small. The doctors first tried to use a hacksaw to cut the metal ring off the poor guy, who was in extreme pain. However, nothing would work, until they brought it giant bolt cutters! Finally freed from the metal ring of penis death, the man is expected to make a full recovery. And, now he serves as a PSA for only using a cock ring that is made for your penis size!


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