Penis Injuries

Penis Injuries

In this article, Big Al discusses penile injuries that may occur because of improper exercise techniques, trauma, and/or negligence.

man with back pain - Penis Injuries
Penis injuries can hurt- great care should be taken to avoid them!

About the Expert: AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro has been featured on MSNBC, CNN,, The “Jon Melichar Show,” The Boston Phoenix, Men’s Wellness News, and other media outlets. He is the head personal penis trainer at Male Enhancement Coach.

The occurrence of little red spots are very common. Almost everyone that’s done concentrated girth work has had to deal little red spots on the head and shaft of the penis. The spots, known as “petechiae”, are the most common “negative” side effect from doing penis enlargement (PE). In reality, they’re relatively harmless. Why do we get them? Well, they are nothing more than little pinpoint-sized bruises cause by excessive compressing of the penis. As long as the spots don’t get any bigger than a pinpoint, you shouldn’t even bother worrying about them. Time, massage, and hot wraps/soaks will alleviate them. The occurrence of little red spots is very common.


The occurrence of bruising is common. A more intense version of the little red spots, bruising usually occurs from heavy hanging without enough padding in the hanger, or from hanging too long and tight without a break. Some bruises on the penis are so severe that they actually form a bolus of blood underneath the skin. In that case, a sterile needle can be used to drain some of the blood (BE CAREFUL!)  While not very serious (unless you’ve manage to cut off so much circulation to the penis that you’ve destroyed tissue), bruising can be very unsightly. Treatments usually consist of rest, hot wraps/soaks, applications of “Arnica” to the penis itself, and the consumption of a supplement called “Butcher’s Broom”. Both Arnica and Butcher’s Broom can usually be found in any nutritional outlet.

Butcher's Broom for Penis Bruises - Penis Ijuries
Butcher’s Broom / Ruscus aculeatus


The occurrence of rashes are very common. Rashes (from PE) are usually caused by a lack of lubrication while milking. A rash may appear as a small red area, or in extreme cases, may resemble a burn and may be accompanied by small cuts or scrapes. Cocoa butter cream, “Bag Balm”, and other mild skin creams and ointments are effective in alleviating rashes.

Thrombosed Veins

The occurrence of thrombosed veins are not too common. A thrombosed vein is a vein that’s been distended due to too much internal vascular pressure inside the vein itself. It’s usually caused by abusing squeeze type exercises, but pumpers have been known to get them. Many men that have suffered from this condition have commented that it’s relatively painless, but a very few seem to suffer excruciating pain. The treatment for this? Rest and hot wraps/soaks. To prevent this from happening in the future, exercise moderation in the activity that caused it in the first place.

Illustration of arteries, veins, capillaries - Penis Injuries
Arteries, veins, and capillaries

Strained ligaments

The occurrence of strained ligaments is fairly common. Strained ligaments at the base of the penis can occur from hanging/stretching too often and intensely without enough rest, or can occur from a single incident of excessively intense hanging/stretching. Most of the pain felt from strained ligaments can be felt at the base of the penis, and may extend to the interior of the pubis and even as far as the lower abdomen. Lots of rest is required for strained ligaments… and it’s of the utmost importance! Doing PE with strained ligaments can lead to actual tearing of the ligaments, which may require surgery.

Peyronie’s Disease

The occurrence of Peyronie’s is uncommon. According to medical experts, the causes of Peyronie’s are unclear. A plaque (hard lump) that forms on the penis characterizes Peyronie’s. The plaque usually causes a bend in the penis; and in severe cases, may make sexual intercourse painful or impossible. Peyronie’s can be treated with exercises, but in severe cases, surgery may be required.

curved arrow - Penis Injuries
Peyronie’s Disease is characterized by a plaque on the penis that causes bending

Broken Penis

The occurrence of a broken penis is rare. In the instance that is does occur, it is caused by severe trauma to an erection, causing a rupture in the tunica. Broken penises most commonly occur during sex; while the man is thrusting, pulls out, and misses the vagina. Other causes of broken penises are falls, and careless pumping. A broken penis is characterized by intense pain and severe bruising to the penis and surrounding area. Surgery is almost always required to fix a broken penis.

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  1. Right, ok, so what about hard flaccid? A retracted penis and testicles constantly drawing up inside you? What about all of the mental anguish that can result from penis exercises, and the fact that no doctor can treat you? I have suffered for 10 years now, and have been to doctor after doctor, and there is no cure for me. The muscles in my anal canal are so tight a woman can barely get her finger in it. I have begged for help, and no one cares. I suggest you quit selling people these exercises, because they have the capacity to completely ruin a man’s life. I have never been the same since I have done these exercises, and if I never get well, I never will be. You need to work on finding a cure for this, rather than promoting causing more problems like mine.

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