Does Your Penis Need a Job? Puppetry of the Penis is Hiring!

puppetryDo you think your penis is talented? Talented enough to be on stage?  If your little soldier has true star potential – maybe you should audition for Puppetry of the Penis!

Puppetry of the Penis was born when founder Simon Morley teamed up with fellow puppeteer David Friend. Their first show at the 1998 Melbourne International Comedy Festival was received as the “Outright Best Show”.With performances across Australia, the UK, Canada, New Zealand,the USA, and across most of Europe and Scandinavia, the Puppetry of the Penis has even been on the Tonight Show. Dubbed as “The ancient Australian art of genital origami” – I caught a show in Vegas and it was both astonishing and hilarious!

And now they’re looking for new cast members, to perform in their shows in the UK and Europe next year.

The qualifications?

Applicants should be fit, have a complete lack of shame, and a great sense of humor. The show which Time Out New York called “Comedic Brilliance!” requires astonishing stamina, an unbelievable stretch factor and an amazing level of testicular fortitude. I know a lot of PEGym members have this!!

All shows are on the weekends, training will be provided and the money is supposedly pretty darn good (although I couldn’t find an exact starting pay). Some stage experience is preferred, but not essential. Just don’t be shy.

Just in case you’re getting the wrong idea it’s a non-sexual adult show.

Interested parties should forward a bio and photos to set up private casting. Contact

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