Penis Pump Reviews: Finding the Best Pump for You


BathmateThere are so many penis pumps on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to even begin, when selecting one.  First, start by checking out our article:

What Are Penis Pumps? How to Build a Bigger & Harder Penis

This article will help you familiarize yourself with the basics of pumping, the different types of pumps available, and how penis pumps can give you a larger and harder penis.

Of course, hearing from actual users of pumps, can give you another, unbiased perspective. The advice and reviews from other PEers can help you when you’re ready to make your pump-buying decision. To this end, we’ve gathered together the penis pump review and advice comments our members here at PEGym have posted.


Generally speaking, I would recommend getting a brake-bleeder pump with a gauge, they are by far the most durable. Then just get a mustang, size matters, or any other similar cylinder in your size and price range. The other option is to get a water pump, that is totally dependent on whether or not you want to confine your pumping to the bath/shower.


Aside from cost, when the rubber meets the road, all reputable pump and cylinder manufacturers make good equipment, whether it’s Vacutech, Boston Pump, San Francisco Pump Works, PumpToys, Penis Depot, UK Thickwall – they are all good. Vacutech cylinders are rather expensive, and Penis Depot are a bit more economical. Both are good cylinder products. The biggest difference I’ve found between them are their designs at the opening.

Vacutech uses a flared rim that’s ultra comfortable and indents slightly that helps form a restrictive seal. Penis Depot offers straight and curved rim cylinders. It’s a matter of preference. I’d recommend spending your cash on a good pump and a solid, not expensive, cylinder.


I use the vacutech eliptical cylinder and have had great succuss. The pump is made of great quality and the fittings are top notch. You pay for what you get. The good thing about pumps is you can change out parts. If cost is an issue focus on spending more money on a good pump or cylinder. Later you can spend more money on the other.
~ Bnip


If cost is an issue or if you’re not sure how committed you’ll be to pumping and don’t want to spend much at first, Leluv pumps w/gauge, cylinders and accessories on Ebay are very reasonable.
~ OneEyedWilly


You can research either Air or Water type pumps, cylinder size (diameter & Length). If you choose Air/vacuum, you would want a pump with a gauge so that you can operate it in a way that is non-harmful.
~ Dangler


I noticed gains with the Bathmate. Using it with manual PE works very well.
~ NP97


I have and use both air / water pumps, with either you have to follow guidelines …. With air do not go over 5 in. Vacuum for long periods and water do not stay in the Bathmate over 20-min. They both have there use but respect them or injuries will result. (…)

Quality pumps are more pricier then the pumps you will find in your local toy shop. Give the Bathmate a try cause there is a limit to the amount of vacuum you will be able to generate on the BM. With a quality dry pump with a gauge it can be addictive to push yourself way past safe limits just to see. I know i do from time to time. You can wet/dry pump with the BM and still not exceed safety limits and still get a stretch. So for some safety and self control give the BM a try.
~ Islandboy916


Whatever pump you choose, get a pump with a gauge. Withough a gauge, you’re risking injury if you pump at too high an hg.
~ MrBigDick


I know many of the big vets here prefer the VacuTech for PE. I own one, and I love it. The only issue is how strong it is and making sure to stay at a lower pressure
~ bigmoe5067


I love my VacuTech!!
~ going411by7


I would have to say the best pump would be the one that works best for you. what I mean is you try a few out and see if they work like you want. But if I had to say what would be the best pump to start out with it the Bathmate. helps beginners from over doing it. I’m not saying you can go all out, just that it will be easier for you to get a feel for pumps and getting more blood to flow into the penis. I enjoy my Bathmate.
~ Dereck91


I can maintain a good 6.25″ for a good day now when I pump. I believe in air pumps. I own a Kaplan and if I were to buy another I would buy Vacutech.



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