What Are Penis Pumps? How to Build a Bigger & Harder Penis

penis pumpIt’s likely you want penis pumping articlewhat other men want – a bigger, harder, better performing penis. Maybe you’ve tried penis enlargement exercises and you’re looking to supplement your workout, or maybe you’re new to male enhancement and want to find out if pumps work for your specific goal. Rest assured that the right penis pumps do deliver results.

Scroll down to learn more about the penis pumping. How do penis pumps work? What types of pumps are on the market? How do I get the best results from penis pumping? Are penis pumps safe?


  • Effective – Penis pumping can be effective; however, it depends on your goal – erectile dysfunction or penis enlargement.
  • Vacuum – Penis pumps work on the principle of creating vacuum within the cylinder.
  • Three Primary Types – There are three primary types of penis pumps: Electrical pumps, hand pumps & shower pumps.
  • Best of the Best – PEGym members consistently rate the Bathmate bathpump as their favorite.
  • More Girth –  Penis pumping is an excellent girth-targeted exercise, due to the expansion of the inner chambers of the penis.
  • Cylinder Size – A major growth indicator for penis pumpers is moving up in cylinder size. When you fill the tube, it’s time to get a larger penis pump. This means your routine is working, and your increases are becoming permanent.


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    • I owned the Hercules, and now own the x30 and x40. The x30 is longer than the Hercules. This could also be partly because the x30 has a much thicker comfort pad. I know in the Hercules I was nearly bottoming out on full pump right at 20cm (8inches), and with the x30 I have about 2 more CM left before I hit bottom. So, the x30 should accommodate nearly 9 inches in length.

  1. I just bought a new Kaplan pump the gauge starts at the 0 but the needle only goes as low as 2 hg. It goes up from there but never goes below 2. Looks like i need to return it. The gauge goes from 0 to -30. Any thoughts?

  2. i am going to be gitting a bathmate next month i was told by customer service that since i have a 7 inch penis the best choice would be the Goliath is that true how long would it take to get a 27inch or 27 feet penis is it possible to get your penis that big when using any bathmate product when i am useing it and i cant fit my penis in it no more do i order a new size when i order a new size can the size that i was using beforis is it still useable anymore when you use the pump and you get it to the size you been wanting is it permanent or if you dont use it for a couple days will your penis shrink to its regular size and all your hard work is gone email me at adventuresnick94@gmail.com with your answers !

    • mydevice — I’m not sure who told you that the Goliath is appropriate for you right now, but that’s incorrect. (Be wary – there are a lot of Bathmate vendors on the Internet that are NOT authorized dealers. If you don’t buy from an authorized dealer, you may get a knock-off product – so be aware.) Here is the sizing guide for Bathmate (you can learn more at http://www.bathpump.com – Bathpump.com is an OFFICIAL Bathmate dealer ) :
      Hercules, X30 & X30 Extreme — for penises up to 7.5″ in length
      X40 & X40 Extreme — for penises over 7.5″ to 9″ in length
      Goliath — for penises over 9″ in length
      Hope that helps! Feel free to PM me, if you need more info!

  3. I’ve been using air pumps since 2011. I have a 7 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch tube – each one slightly larger in girth. Since the 12 has a wide interior, I use it in the shower filled half way with warm water..helps my expansion in girth volume. the other 2 pumps are for tube packing exercises.

  4. There are specially designed penis pumps for those suffering from ED. These systems are generally referred to as vacuum erection devices or VEDs. The VEDs are constructed so that you can slip a tight constriction band onto the base of the cylinder which can then be slipped off and onto the base of the penis close to the pubic bone once it has been “inflated” by the pump. The band will maintain the erection by preventing blood fram leaving the erect penis.

    However, most VEDs do not include a vacuum gauge and are not designed with a wide base edge so they do not work well as a good penis enhancement/therapeutic device. Conversely, most PE pump cylinders are not constructed to allow a constriction band to be slipped onto the base of the penis. Accordingly, the two systems are not readily interchangeable for both purposes.

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