What Are Penis Pumps? Does Penis Pumping Work?

.When a guy is thinking about trying a penis pump for the first time, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. The first question men often ask on our forums when thinking about getting a penis pump is – Does penis pumping really work?

Written by Kimberly Wylie


Yes, penis pumping really does work. However, as with any exercise program it’s effectiveness depends on several factors. These include:

  • Quality of Pump – Not all pumps are created equal. Penis pumps like the Bathmate have been tested on hundreds of thousands of men, to ensure you get consistent and safe suction. Cheaper pumps often lose suction (making them less effective) and can even be unsafe.
  • Consistency – All exercise, it doesn’t matter what part of the body we’re talking about, is highly dependent on how consistent you are with your exercise program. You don’t go to the gym one time and expect to be super-buff. Same with penis pumps!
  • Length of Exercise Sessions – Again, we can use any normal exercise program to understand this component. You could go to the gym everyday of the week. However, if you only worked out for 2 minutes, you wouldn’t expect to see results, right? It’s the same with penis pumps and reaching your goals.

What Can I Use a Penis Pump For?

There are two primary reasons why men use penis pumps. These include:Donald Thompson Judge penis pump

  • Erectile Dysfunction – Penis pumps were originally designed as an aid for men who were troubled with erectile dysfunction. In fact, in the trial of former judge Donald Thompson, who was discovered wearing a penis pump while he was overseeing Oklahoma trials, expert witness testimony, from a urologist, noted that penis pumps were a low-cost and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.
  • Penis Enlargement – Penis pumps, in the recent decades, have been re-engineered to ‘exercise’ the penis. They help men reach their penis enlargement goals. It has been found that penis pumps, as well as penis extenders, are one of the most effective devices to reach real penis enlargement results.

Despite penis pumps effectiveness in helping those with erectile dysfunction and those seeking a larger penis, they are not the best option for men looking to improve their stamina. If you’re looking to increase your sexual stamina, check out our article – How to Increase Sexual Stamina & Last Longer in Bed – for the most effective ways to improve your stamina in the bedroom.


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