What Are Penis Pumps? How Do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pumps work by using vacuum pressure and expanding the penile tissues. Your penis is placed inside a cylinder and the air is removed, creating the vacuum. This suction in the chamber results in the tissues of your penis expanding and the blood rushing into your penis.

Written by Kimberly Wylie


Penis pumping can lead to sizable gains.

For those looking for a treatment for erectile dysfunction, this blood being drawn into the penis results in an erection typically suitable for having sex. The blood can then be kept in the penis using a cock ring. The blood rushing into the penis can even help promote improved circulation in the penis, so men often find they naturally begin to have harder and stronger erections.

For those looking for penis enlargement, the increased blood flow causes the tissues in the penis to expand. As with other forms of enlargement methods, the micro-tears caused by slight over-expansion of all the tissues causes the growth of new cells. As they repair, this results in penis growth. Most men notice immediate, temporary improvements in flaccid length and girth. With continued, consistent use, penis pumps, like the Bathmate, result in permanent increases in both penis length and girth, both in the flaccid state and erect state.

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