What Are Penis Pumps? Penis Pumping Technique

Along with the standard stretching and jelqing exercises, penis pumping can lead to sizable penis enlargement gains. However, there’s more to penis pumping than just placing your penis into a tube and squeezing a handle. The penis pump technique you use can make the difference between reaching your goals and not.

Written by Kimberly Wylie


How to Get the Best Results with a Penis Pump For Penis Enlargement

There are several techniques you can use during your session to help get maximum expansion. These include:

  • “Milking the Tube,”
  • Pulse pumping,
  • Shakes, and
  • Wrapping


Milking is one of the most common, and arguably the most effective, techniques, with penis pumps. It aids in maintaining good circulation and exercises the inner chambers of the penis. The milking motion is similar to masturbation.

The cylinder is moved up and down the shaft during penis pumping. It is recommended that milking be done only after the penis has become acclimated to the pressure during your session, typically after 5 to 7 minutes. Milking should not be done forcefully, but at a smooth, slow to moderate pace. Milking is typically done in short sets. Additionally, milking too hard or too long can cause increased edema (the donut effect), since pressure levels spike as the cylinder is shifted up and down.


Varying the pressure of the penis pump, from time-to-time, also helps stimulate the penile tissues to expand. Think of it like interval training for your penis. Pulsing is done by alternating the penis pump pressure levels throughout the session. For example:

  • A max pressure level for a session may be 5 in.Hg.
  • After one minute at this level, decrease the pressure slowly over 30 seconds to zero pressure, then quickly pump back to max level.
  • Repeat.

This practice is highly effective and, like milking, promotes enhanced circulation and exercising of the inner chambers.


The best results from penis pumping are obtained when the penis is erect in the tube. The longer a session goes, and the longer you are in the penis pump tube, the more difficult it is to maintain an adequate erection level. Shakes are used to help maintain the erection by stimulating nerve endings and coaxing blood flow. To do this, shake the cylinder up and down by hand or with a rocking motion with the hips. This should not be done too hard, but forceful enough that the erection level increases. Vary the intensity and the range of motion in order to give the base a good stretch.


Heat is an excellent way to stimulate blood flow into the penis, which is a staple in any penis enlargement regimen. Wrapping is a simple technique that involves wrapping the cylinder with a heating device (such as an electric heating pad) during the penis pumping session. Be very careful the wrap is not left on too long, as blisters and more serious burn damage can occur. The cylinder can become very hot very quickly.

Penis Pumping Techniques For Erectile Dysfunction

cock rings penis pumpingFor erectile dysfunction, the penis pumping technique is more straightforward. The primary goal is to cause an erection with the blood  flowing into the penis, due to the vacuum inside the tube.  For this reason, pump until your penis becomes erect, right before intercourse. Most often, for those using penis pumps to treat erectile dysfunction, once the penis is erect, a cock ring is used to prevent the blood from leaving the penis, maintaining the erection.


“Penis pumping longer and at higher levels should increase my size faster!”


The above is a common and very dangerous misconception. There is a plethora of anecdotal evidence all over the Internet detailing the mishaps and injuries (many of them severe) due to overzealous pumping. Penis pumping is a very effective enlargement process and is very safe when administered correctly.

There is a saying:Most pumping injuries can be easily avoided.

“The penis should not be FORCED to grow; it should be gently urged to WANT to grow.”

The slow, methodical nature of proper pumping urges the penis to grow much faster and more effectively than forceful methods. Here are a couple of tips and some pitfalls to be mindful of in order to avoid injury from the dangers of penis pumping:

  • Avoid over-pumping. This is the easiest to avoid, yet the most commonly seen injury. It is very easy to get lost in the experience and lose track of time while in the tube, so caution must be exercised in order to stay within a set “window of effectiveness.”
  • Take frequent breaks. Breaks should be taken often to help stimulate blood flow and to release the pressure built up in the penile tissues. As a general rule, a 3- to 5-minute break, every 15 minutes, should be used (If you are pumping at very low levels, in-tube time between breaks can go up to 30 minutes). During the break, jelqing, stretching and massaging are encouraged.
  • Beginners should start slower. Novice pumpers should limit penis pumping sessions to a max of 30 minutes and should not exceed 2 sessions a day. Intermediate users should maintain sessions of no more than 1 to 1.5 hours, while optimal levels for advanced users are typically in the 2- to 3-hour range, over several sessions.

Read more about how to prevent penis injuries here — Penis Injuries.


Penis pumping is a safe and effective means of treating erectile dysfunction and promoting penis enlargement – especially girth. Be sure to choose a penis pump that is sized correctly for your penis. Select a penis pump with a transparent cylinder and with a pump gauge, for the safest pumping possible. Don’t simply go with the cheapest pump on the market. You get what you pay for! And, start slowly. Overpumping can lead to serious injury.