Penis Pumping 101- An Overview

This article explains the many facets of proper penis pumping.


Penis pumping is a type of Penis Enlargement exercise that is popular, but often misunderstood. We will discuss the various types of pumps, the physics behind penis pumping, and how to make the informed purchasing decision right for you.

Penis pumps are very unique pieces of equipment and when coupled with a solid manual routine, can be an effective tool in a permanent enlargement regimen. There many brands and varying equipment types on the market. Some are excellent in quality, design and effectiveness; others, well, not so much.

No matter the type or style, the concept is quite simple: a void (vacuum) is created when air is removed from the cylinder, causing the penis to expand to fill that void. When conducted over long periods of time over several years of consistent use, permanent penis enlargement can likely result.


When one refers to a penis pump, often they are referring to the entire penis pumping apparatus, but it is actually made up of two parts: the cylinder, or “tube,” and the vacuum pump.

A “single stage” or straight cylinder is comprised of a single piece of straight tubing. This type of cylinder is used only for pumping the penis. The sizes of the cylinders range from as small as 1.5” in diameter to as large as 4” in diameter. Most manufacturers typically make cylinders in 9” lengths, but custom lengths are available.

Regardless of the type and style of pump you use, it is highly recommended that the pump come with a pressure gauge in order to monitor pressure levels. Because of the nature of the physics involved, pressure levels must be monitored closely while pumping since it does not take much (pressure) at all to cause serious and/or permanent damage.

PENIS PUMPING: Not Another Physics Class!

Pumping is quite different from any other Penis Enlargement exercise as it is experienced and conducted from the “inside-out,” while nearly every other form of exercise is done from the “outside-in.” Before you begin penis pumping, lets examine what is happening to your penis.

When air is extracted, a void is created in the cylinder that causes the penis to swell in an attempt to fill the void. This swelling is the expansion of: skin, blood vessels, the corpus cavernosa (CC), corpus spongiosum (CS), the tunica, and the pulling in of lymphatic liquids. The vacuum also creates pressure on the ligaments, which helps with permanent penis enlargement aspects.

One of the benefits of penis pumping is that the expansion continues whether the pressure is increased or not, in order to “fill the void”. When pumping, care must be given to monitor pressure levels and the penis itself to make sure no damage is being done.


Herein lies the danger – as the penis pumping session goes on, you will eventually get accustomed to the feeling of the vacuum. You may no longer “feel” the pump doing its job. The natural inclination is to increase the pressure in order to feel the pull and expansion, but this should be avoided!

Pressure is measured in inches of mercury – in.Hg. Safe pressure levels are generally between 0 in.Hg and 5 in.Hg – whether you “feel” it or not. Pumping at too high of a pressure level and/or for too long, can lead to edema- when tissues expand with lymphatic fluid. While minor edema does not damage the penis, over-pumping can cause painful blisters, ruptured blood vessels, and in some cases, permanent ED (erectile dysfunction).

Advanced pumpers will often venture into levels above 5 Hg but only after lower pressured pumping in an earlier session. Again, this method is only for advanced pumpers. If you feel any pain, stop immediately. Penis pumping should never be painful. At most, there may be a “dull pull”, but never painful. If you experience pain, release the pressure valve on the pump.


Along with common sense, care must be given to make sure good, reliable equipment is being used. The saying “you get what you pay for” certainly fits with penis pumping. Cheap penis pumps from novelty stores will certainly get you pumped, but will eventually break down and potentially can cause serious damage.

There are several reputable companies that make quality equipment. I advise buying a quality device that will not only provide you the results you are looking for, but will last much longer and be much safer.


While all pumps follow the same principle, not all will give you the desired results. You must select the right type of penis pump depending on what you want to accomplish.

For more girth work, a straight cylinder is best. Make sure you measure properly (according to manufacturer specs since not all tubes are the same) – one rule of thumb is to get a cylinder no more than ¼” larger than erect girth to aide in penis girth expansion. Once you have “packed the tube” meaning that your penis completely touches the walls of the cylinder up to the glans, the next size cylinder is recommended.

Not uncommon, length gains via penis pumping are possible. For more length, get a cylinder that fits your erect girth. Horizontal expansion occurs quickly during the session and the vacuum will be transferred lengthwise to the base and ligaments. Be careful! A great deal of pressure will be on the glans as well, resulting in possible blisters if the pressure is too high.


This article provided an overview of the various types of penis pumps, which equipment type is right for your desired outcome, and things you should consider when taking on any sort of penis pumping routine.

The benefits are great, and when done responsibly, pumping can be a very rewarding experience. In the next article, we will focus on generating a solid penis pumping routine as a supplement to manual penis exercises.

GettinThereOK is just your average guy looking fro an above average penis. After inconsistent dabbling in PE for nearly two decades, GTO garnered a renewed interest in permanent enlargement after coming across and joining the PEGym community. Armed with a renewed focus and with the help of those that share a like-minded interest in self-improvement, GTO is slowly realizing his goals while helping others along the way.

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