Penis Pumps: An Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

erectile dysfunction

erectile-dysfunction-edtreatmenttodayErectile dysfunction affects hundreds of thousands of men. If you add men who have concerns with erection quality – the ability to get and maintain an erection, but not at a hardness level they really want – this number of affected men increases substantially.

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Although there are several options for treating erectile dysfunction and improving erection quality, one of the most effective methods that offers immediate results in the use of a penis pump, in conjunction with a cock ring. The penis pump uses vacuum to fill the penile tissues with blood, causing an erection. A cock ring is then often used to prevent the blood from leaving the penis. In fact, this treatment method is so effective, most insurance companies, including Medicare, will cover at least part of the cost of a penis pump, when it’s prescribed by a physician, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Penis pumps are not only immediately effective (no having to wait – instant rock hard erection), but they are also less invasive than other treatment methods – like penile implant surgery. They don’t have negative side effects, like erectile dysfunction pills. And, penis pumps are incredibly cost effective, with pumps like the Bathmate Hercules costing just over $100!

The best part is the positive side effects penis pumps have. In addition to the benefits listed above, there are two positive side effects men will experience — better penile blood flow and penis enlargement!

Improving penile blood flow can help actually improve erection quality over time. In fact, penis pumps are medically prescribed for this reason for men following prostate surgery. Also, the expansion of penile tissues, when done consistently, facilitates new cellular growth, resulting in both increases in both penis length and girth. Bonus!

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