Penis Saves Man in Lightning Strike

penis lightningThat’s a title I never anticipated I’d ever write in my life.

Penis Saves Man in Lightning Strike.

Zoran Jurkovic, 41, is from the small eastern Croatian village of Petrovci. He was riding his bicycle home from work, while lisening to music on his headphones. A thunderstorm formed quickly overhead, and Jurkovic was not fast enough.

“I saw black clouds,” Jurkovic notes, “and flashes of light appear in the sky and thunder could be heard booming across the nearby fields. I tried to ride faster, to get to shelter in time, but I was too late.”

Lightning struck Jurkovic in the head, as he fled the incoming storm.

Normally, when a person is struck by lightning, the electricity passes through the body and earths through the feet. However, Jurkovic was wearing thick, rubber work boots, so the lightning couldn’t pass through the feet.

Thankfully, the lightning found an escape route — down his headphones cable and through Jurkovic’s penis!

It’s amazing Jurkovic is a live, as doctors stated. Because especially with the rubber boots, if the electricity hadn’t followed the cabling of his headphones and escaped via his penis, it would’ve definitely entered his body and hit a vital organ.

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