2018 PEGym Penis Size vs Anatomy Survey

we need you penis size vs anatomy take the surveyYou know the myth — Tall guy = Big penis. Big shoes = Big penis. Or — Big hands = Big penis.  Or even — Big nose = Big penis. But, are they myths? Is there some correlation to publicly visible anatomy and penis size?  The 2018 PEGym Penis Size vs Anatomy Survey hopes to answer this question!

The 2018  PEGym Penis Size vs Anatomy Survey

This short, 10-question survey will help determine – are these sayings old wives’ tales? Or is there some truth to them?

Do big shoes only equal big socks?

Or, are men with larger feet, hands, nose, or are simply taller more likely to have a larger penis?

Answer our penis size vs anatomy survey and let’s find out!

big feet equals big penis survey

We’ll be updating with results, as they come in. So, feel free to share the survey on your social media. The more responses we get, the more accurate our results will be!

NOTE: You’ll want to have your BPEL measurement, as well as a measuring tape to measure your hands and nose, before answering the survey.

Other than that, the whole survey should only take about 2 minutes to complete! 😀

Thanks for your help!

penis size vs anatomy take the survey

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