Small Penis Syndrome: Do You Have it? What are the Treatment Options?

small penis syndrome

small penis syndromeIt’s an interesting phenomenon that I’ve personal seen on the forums numerous times, in my five years here at  A man will say, “I have a really small penis!” and then provide his measurements… which are actually either average or even slightly above average. However, when you tell the man this, even citing numerous studies, he refuses to believe you.

So, is having a small penis really in many men’s heads?


Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of small penis syndrome and then what you can do if it’s affecting your life.

Do I Have Small Penis Syndrome?

Do you have small penis syndrome? Answer yes or no to the following questions to find out:

  • Do you believe you have a small penis that is negatively affecting your life?
  • Have you measured your penis, and believe that measurement proves the fact that your penis is small?
  • Do you believe your small penis negatively affects your ability to please a woman via sexual intercourse?
  • Has your concern about your penis size ever prevented you from having sexual experiences?
  • Does having a small penis make you feel anxious?
  • Are you ashamed of your penis size?
  • Do you worry women will ridicule you if they saw you naked and saw your penis size?
  • Do you believe women will reject you due to your penis size?
  • Are you seriously focused on what women want in bed, and what women don’t want in bed?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you may be suffering from small penis syndrome.

Do I Have a Small Penis or is it Small Penis Syndrome?

There have been several studies on penis size. Although average sizes can vary dramatically by country (See more information on this in our article Do I Have a Small Penis?) ,  the average American erect penis size is 5.1 inches long.

Now, this doesn’t mean if your penis is 5 inches long, it’s “small.” Actually, a penis typically isn’t considered small unless it’s less than 4 inches in length. Let’s think about his scientifically for a moment…

The vaginal canal, from opening to cervix, is, on average, only 3.5 inches long. (Read: A Little Bit About Female Anatomy: AKA How Big is the Vagina?). Also, the G-spot is typically only 2 to 3 inches from the vaginal opening. (Read: Where is the G-Spot?).

With these two things in mind, it would make sense that nature, God, whatever you believe is the force behind biological design, would then design a penis to fit nicely in this space. Logically, a penis even slightly smaller than average would be able to provide G-spot stimulation, which would then have the possibility of producing a G-spot orgasm.

Now, if your penis is truly less than 4 inches in length, when erect, the issue isn’t in your head. And, thankfully, there ARE things you can do to increase both your penile length and penis girth. Check out our article: New to Penis Enlargement? Start Here! You’ll find all the information you need to get started with penis enlargement effectively and safely.

If your penis is 4 inches in length or longer, when erect, then you may have small penis syndrome. If you just read the above paragraphs about averages and female anatomy and thought, “Yeah, but she doesn’t understand. I don’t care what the statistics say. I know my body, and my penis is small!” then you may have small penis syndrome. This is a form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, where even when presented with quantitative facts — average sizes and your own measurements — you still see your body inaccurately. Like an anorexic girl that despite the scale saying her weight is unhealthily thin, she still looks in the mirror and feels like she’s “fat,” small penis syndrome has the same distorted body image about the penis.

Now, if you read the above paragraphs and thought, “OK, I understand I’m average, but an average guy isn’t going to really impress a woman.” That’s not small penis syndrome. You’re wrong, in my personal female opinion BTW. I’ve been impressed with some very amazing average-sized penises! However, it’s not small penis syndrome.  And, if this is you, then it’s OK to want to improve your penis size. However, it shouldn’t be about pleasing a partner or potential future partner; it should be about being comfortable in your own skin. Definitely start here — New to Penis Enlargement? Start Here!

How do You Treat Small Penis Syndrome?

A mental health professional can be especially helpful when it comes to small penis syndrome. Use of cognitive therapy can help reduce the anxiety associated with your penis size and what others will think about it. You’ll learn how to correct the bad habits associated with the syndrome including:

  • Over-generalizing potential situations
  • Believing your situation is hopeless
  • Being certain all women will reject you

Changing these bad habits begins with admitting that the above beliefs you have might, just might, be wrong, in some instances. That’s the first step to moving forward.

Of course, it’s also important for the man to truly acknowledge whether their penis size is really small. If a man has only been comparing his penis size to porn stars he’s seen, it’s not surprising he’s felt inadequate. However, comparing to true sample sizes of the population, and really accepting those numbers as fact, can help the healing begin.

Lastly, there is a component of faith that someone will love them for who they truly are. I’ll talk more about this in tomorrow’s post. So – stay tuned!!


  1. I definitely have suffered from this my entire life. It has caused me undo grief and made me more sociably awkward that I might be without such an issue.

    As a child, I was scared to undress in the locker room, I got fat over the years being depressed, and my SLS can go on.

    However, as I PE things have gotten a bit better, but I have far to go.

    I guess the first step is to admit you have SPS instead of the average guy issues with feeling less than normal or sexually adequate.

    I have never felt normal in that department of my life. And with continued PE, a little therapy, I hope I to finally get comfortable being myself.

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