Penis Size Survey of Indian Men

Penis Size Survey of Indian Men

Penis Size Survey of Indian MenPenis size surveys are always suspect. Sample size, whether the measurements were self-reported and how measurements were taken have often made results questionable at best. The following study, I believe, looks to have been conducted properly. Although the results are telling for Indian males, if we could see more studies of this caliber, in other areas of the world, perhaps we could finally answer that eternal question, “How big is normal?”

Penis Size Study Sample

This study was conducted in Kerala, South India. Five hundred men, age ranging from 18 to 60 years were randomly selected from the sexual dysfunction clinic run by the principal investigator and outpatient clinic of the urology department at Medical College, Calicut, Kerala. All the subjects who were willing to participate in the study have underwent clinical evaluation. Individuals with congenital or acquired genital abnormalities were excluded. Finally, 301 subjects were included in the study.

Penis Size Study Measurement

Penile length was defined as the linear distance along the dorsal side of the penis extending from the pubo – penile skin junction to the tip of the glans. Penile circumference was measured at the middle of the shaft.

Measurements were performed jointly by all the three investigators to ensure uniformity of measurement. Adequate precautions (adopting same method of measurement, using similar types of tapes, maintaining comfortable room temperature) were taken to standardize the techniques of measurement. All the 301 subjects underwent measurements of flaccid length, flaccid circumference and stretched length (in fully stretched but still flaccid state). Measurements were taken immediately after the subjects undressed in order to minimize the effect of room temperature.

From the same sample, a group of 119 subjects were willing to make self-rating of erected penile length and circumference. They were given training and was advised to take the measurement on two different occasions at home in a state of full erection. Only 93 subjects could perform it correctly. Results of the 26 subjects were discarded for reasons such as inability to achieve full erection or loss of erection at the time of measurement and those who obtained different values at two different measurements. Erect measurements were then also taken by the researchers.

Penis Size Study Results

  • The average flaccid penile length is found to be 8.21 cm or 3.23 inches.
  • The mean flaccid circumference obtained in the present study is 9.14 cm or 3.6 inches.
  • The mean stretched length obtained in the present study is 10.88 cm or 4.28 inches.
  • The mean erected length obtained in self-measurement by the subjects was 13.01 cm or 5.12 inches.
  • When measured by the investigators erected length decreased to 12.93 cm. or 5.09 inches.
  • The mean erected girth obtained in self-measurement was 11.46 cm or 4.51 inches.
  • The mean erected girth obtained when measure by investigators was 11.49 cm or 4.52 inches.

Probable reasons for obtaining lower mean erected length when measured by the investigators could be the psychological factors like inhibitions due to the presence of another person.


Promodu, K., Shanmughadas, K. V., Bhat, S., & Nair, K. R. (2007). Penile length and circumference: an Indian study. International journal of impotence research, 19(6), 558-563.


  1. I have a few problems with this study:

    1)The measurements were taken from the pubo-penile junction.
    Are they interested in penis size or how fat these guys are? The pubic bone is a much more reliable measuring point.

    2) Are the flaccid length measurements pendulous (ei: flaccid hang) or measured with the penis at a right angle to the body?
    It makes a difference, it could account for a 1/2 – 3/4 inch discrepancy.

    3) The men in this study were recruited from a clinic that treats ED.
    That means that at least a large portion of these men are experiencing penis related health issues. Which precludes the results from being applied to a statistical model of “normal” penises. It is well known that prolonged ED does cause penile shrinkage. Which starts out reversible, but becomes permanent as connective tissue replaces erectile tissue.

    4) 119 is a very small sample size. Particularly in India, which has a population of 1.3 billion. Or, approximately 650 million men.

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