Penis Tattoo Causes Permanent Erection

penis tattooSometimes irony can be a bitch.

Take the case of the 21-year-old Iranian man (who not-so-surprisingly didn’t want to be named) who had “borow be salaamat” followed by his girlfriend’s initial “M” tattooed on his penis. Translation:

good luck with your journeys

This “lucky” tattoo didn’t turn out to be so lucky though.

Following the tattoo, the gentleman experienced pain (again, perhaps not-so-surprising, he did just get his penis tattooed). However, the pain became so bad that he was unable to get an erection. Definitely no getting lucky then!

In an even more ironic twist of fate, a couple of months later, he did notice his nighttime erections begin to last longer. Eventually, the erection never ended, keeping his “lucky” penis in a semi-rigid state 24/7.

Doctors at the Hermanshah University of Medical Sciences in Iran published a study of the poor guy’s permanent erection, in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. They theorized that the tattoo punctured his penis too deep and created an arteriovenous fistula. (Apparently that’s Latin for – very UNlucky.) The diagnosis? Nonischemic priapism, which prevents blood from leaving the penis.

The Iranian man did have a shunt implanted in his penis, in an effort to drain the blood; however, in his continuing unlucky streak, the procedure didn’t work. The doctors in the study concluded that because the man still had moderate erectile function during intercourse, because the permanent erection was relatively painless, and because the shunt operation was unsuccessful, the patient declined further treatment and is going to live with his lucky penis tattoo on his unlucky penis.

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