The Advantages of Using the Power J Gym Jelq Device to Maximize Jelqing Results

power j gym jelqing tool jelq device
power j gym jelqing tool new jelq device
Will the Power J Gym jelq device really help you maximize your Jelqing results?

Using the Power J Gym Jelq Device to Maximize Jelqing Results Overview:

This Power J Gym jelq device was designed to maximize your jelqing results, while also being user friendly. Because the Power J Gym jelq device directly targets the tissue in your penis, it produces significant and permanent size gains. Since it requires only a few minutes per day, you get jelqing results quickly. Plus, you can even keep this jelq tool hanging in your bath room, and no one will even know what it is.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a penis enlargement exercise. Jelqing, or milking as it is sometimes called, is the process of using your hand to squeeze and pull on the penis, causing internal stretching and increased blood flow. Although effective, the most common complaint about hand jelqing is that it is difficult to perform the number of repetitions necessary to achieve maximum Jelqing results. With the Jelq device, you won’t have to worry about tired hands.

power j gym jelqing tool jelq deviceHow Does the Power J Gym Jelq Device Work to Maximize Your Jelqing Results?

The rollers of the Power J Gym jelq tool use two advanced technologies that work in perfect synchronization with each other. The memory-foam coating adapts to the shape of your penis and provides pressure around the full circumference of your penis for maximum Jelqing results. Your whole penis benefits from increased tissue mass resulting in bigger gains in a quicker period of time.

Does the Power J Gym Jelq Device Really Maximize Your Jelqing Results?

Length gains with the jelq device:

A major goal of the Jelq Device Study was to find out how users gained over time. The chart below shows the average gains experienced by Jelq device users, over a period of use from one to 12+ months.

results of average penis gain in erect length with jelq device
The results from the jelq device used ranged from .54 inches to 1.44 inches increase in erect length.

Time used average erect length gains:

  • 1-3 months 0.54 inches
  • 3-6 months 0.79 inches
  • 6-12 months 1.13 inches
  • 12+ months 1.44 inches

Based on the study, your Jelqing results can be a 1/2-inch increase in erect length using the Jelq device in as little as one month. You can achieve a one-plus inch increase in less than a year of use.

Girth gains from a jelq device:

Although jelq devices have been proven effective for increases in erect length for Jelqing results, it is clearly also effective in increasing erect girth. Remember that erect girth is smaller to start than erect length, therefore a 1/2-inch increase in erect girth is a larger percentage gain than a 1/2-inch increase in erect length.

results of average penis gain in girth with jelq device
The results from the Jelq device ranged from .55 inches to 1.27 inches increase in erect girth.

Time used Average erect girth gains:

  • 1-3 months 0.55 inches
  • 3-6 months 0.74 inches
  • 6-12 months 1.00 inches
  • 12+ months 1.27 inches

Just a small increase in penis girth can make a massive difference to both you and your partner. A woman’s enjoyment during sex is often linked to the thickness of the penis rather than the length.The Jelq device maximizes your Jelqing results, to help you and your partner have a more satisfying sexual experience. As little as one to three times per week, is all it takes to start seeing Jelqing results, with the Power J Gym jelq tool.

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